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  2. hi , we have 3 computers at home, mine cant run bittorent properly , meaning that it gets stucked on "finding peers 0.0%" the 2 other computers work properly with bittorrent , i use the same directories on each computer ( C:\users\smith\downlods ) the problem appeared after i wiped out all the files in the directory , i uninstalled / reinstalled bittorent , shutdown and restarted computer , using ctrlG and test gives same answer on the 3 computers , i read the similar questions on forum , the common answer is that the issue is on the torrent , but of course i can download the file on the 2 other computers , but not mine dont know what to do anymore , if someone can help ? regards
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  5. correction it may sound like I lost my data, I did not just what was in the bittorrrent program
  6. thank you it was easier than I thought just had to restart the seed, new issue, overclocking caused system crash rebooted in a new bios profile and lost all torrents in my folder. I was able to recover one torrent through bittorrent- torrents-add torrent-*folder name*. I don't know how to add multiple files to be loaded problem *unknown error* I tried adding my zipped game folder but I cant select the full folder only bits and pieces with errors. I thought I found a solution but it just started redownloading from my trackers and its really messing everything up should I create a new thread in the forum?
  7. I have limited the uploading limit to20 kb. But just a single torrent uploads more than 700 kb per second. while most of the time the dowloading is only under 50 kb
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  9. I've dowloaded Bleep, but when I run it it fails instantly. I've tried deleting it and reinstall - same problem. Any Idea?
  10. Avast Premiere - It is a paid version so i wont be removing it; if you think this could be the cause would you be able to recommend exactly which "shield" or settings i could change
  11. What internet security software do you have installed?
  12. I have had this issue with both "U" and "Bit" which i am currently using When i restart my computer all the files have to be re-checked I have googled for solutions and none of them have helped I make damn sure the torrents have stopped downloading and then manually close the cilent to ensure everything is in a stopped state I am using windows 7 with everything up to date and version 7.99 of Bit Any suggestions
  14. hello everyone, I recently took apart my Seagate external drive to be used as an internal harddrive but now I get this issue with seeding. I'm having no other issues with the move. can I reassign the driver letter and resume seeding or do I have to re download or copy and replace my data to be seeded properly , any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Steps: 1) change Date & Time settings as attached 2) open any torrent\magnet file using BitTorrent as you see in the attachment, date appears wrong
  16. Some are 7.554 there a total or all are handle individually what ratio shall i stop ? Also i notice some of the seeds queued seeds why is that ?
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  18. Info tab on the specific torrent.
  19. Where do i find this to see my percentage ?
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  21. Hey There, Just do as below and everything will be just fine. Close down your client completely (right click on taskbar and exit the program "bittorrent"). then run it "as administrator" and when open try to resume downloading and it should do it pretty much. ;-)
  22. Given the way Norton (and most other internet security software for that matter) behaves with updates, it probably will work with it uninstalled, and if it does, and you insist on reinstalling Norton (which I don't recommend and haven't for years at this point) then you need to re-do the exceptions for BitTorrent in Norton (remove and re-add them)
  23. Harold, are you suggesting that if I temporarily uninstall Norton, BT will then work? But what happens when I reinstall Norton? It's gonna block again? Any idea why this only started in 2017 when it always worked before?
  24. I do not have any antivirus other than Windows Defender currently. I completely uninstalled McAfee which of course requires a re-boot. The "Snowden" clips came through with no problem, so the Windows Defender is not the culprit. I make no claims against antivirus hoaxes and wannabees. I just want to figure out why BitTorrent does not even connect with the SuSE Linux server (known safe) and others that are cleanly obtained .torrent files. I DID get trapped by one fake - ANONURE (or whatever) and that was a total system rebuild. My Windows 10 machine is newly re-installed with an HP USB stick load received less than a week ago. Thanks, Harold, for your continued suggestions. Ich wuensche ihnen eine schoene tag noch.
  25. With that being said, it wouldn't be impossible to download from two different sources if we have the torrent file for both, since they contain the hashes for their respective pieces. The biggest problem would be matching up the files from torrent A to torrent B, since we can only go by the name and size of the files (md5 hash for the files is unfortunately an optional parameter in the torrent file), but if there is a match, then merging the data from the two source becomes trivial. After that, if we have enough data downloaded, we can hash it and check against both torrent's piece-hashes to prove that the file is indeed the same. But to be honest, IMO this wouldn't help the download speed in most cases. Having ~25 peers is usually enough for max speeds.
  26. It obviously wasn't me you were talking to on that front, because the only way that 3rd party internet security software stops interfering fully is by uninstalling it, which is why I said "temporarily uninstalled" above and not "disabled" And this is before my "norton might as well be a virus itself at this point" talk even hits the table.
  27. I had Norton run through everything, disable Norton and they told me Norton would not block BitTorrent again. But apparently it still does. I keep getting an error message saying BitTorrent can't connect to the Internet. By the way, why doesn't anyone at BitTorrent return a phone call or respond to e-mail sent through the BitTorrent help link?
  28. I have the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8. I have changed the settings in Windows where it allows previous versions of programs. I am not awfully clever at these things, as you can tell, but I found three Bit Torrent entries in the Firewall (at first I only found one) – and had to allow all three to pass the Firewall. But I had to un-install the Bit Torrent program. Then re-installed it, and then changed the Firewall settings and it works fine. I don’t know why changing the settings in the Firewall didn’t work before I re-installed the program –but it works fine now.
  29. Try with norton temporarily uninstalled.
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