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  1. Preferences - UI Settings When Adding Torrents: Show options to change the name and location of torrent data.
  2. BitTorrent uses a stored copy based on the INTERNAL name of the torrent, not based on the name you give it when you save it from the site. Don't use the .torrent storage settings if you don't have a VERY good reason to.
  3. The pause button was removed from the main toolbar because too many people were using it for the wrong reasons. If you are pausing for more than about 5 minutes, use stop instead. ALWAYS.
  4. http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-bittorrent-?b_id=3884 If they only removed them from BitTorrent, the .torrent files should be in %appdata%\bittorrent.
  5. BitTorrent uses internet explorer's engine to display the ads. Use it or not, you still have it installed and still have it in offline mode.
  6. When you format the computer, unless you copied the files, they are gone and you need to re-download everything. If you want to back everything up, get the .torrent storage folder (%appdata%\bittorrent by default) and the folder that contains your partial downloads. Once you finish your reformat, follow http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-bittorrent-?b_id=3884
  7. What tracker status do you have on the trackers tab with an offending torrent selected?
  8. Your screenshot shows the pause button right there. How is that button not working?
  9. DHT needs to complete its login and you need to let it populate the file list when you use magnet links. Fix your internet security software.
  10. http://www.bittorrent.com/
  11. There's something installed interfering. What network adapter is in your system?
  12. Except it's not.
  13. As you probably noticed, this did NOTHING to help, as BitTorrent has been compatible with windows 10 for ages. What internet security software do you have INSTALLED, running or not?
  14. What internet security do you have installed? Is there a good reason you're using an operating system from 2001?
  15. Check under labels -> hidden.