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  1. All of my seeding torrents have disappeared.

    What status is it getting to for the second file?
  2. Not able to see any torrents anymore

    Screenshot please.
  3. Queue system

    Except BitTorrent DOES have an order in its queue system. It's not arbitrary. Enable the "#" column and sort by it.
  4. BitTorrent No Incoming Connections yellow triangle

    It happens automatically, but you automatically get a lower priority for getting pieces due to not being reachable.
  5. BitTorrent No Incoming Connections yellow triangle

    If the icon never changes it means that you have to connect to them, as they can't connect to you.
  6. BitTorrent No Incoming Connections yellow triangle

  7. Blocked by "system administrator"

    What changed a few days ago?

    I'm going to have to wikipedian protester your claims. Cite your sources.
  9. Downloading the videos

    We don't provide support for that.
  10. All of my seeding torrents have disappeared.

    If you're looking at the correct category on the sidebar (torrents is the correct category, and make sure the torrents aren't under hidden) then you probably need to follow the migration guide to get them back http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-bittorrent-?b_id=3884 If the torrents aren't in the list at all, something on your system (internet security software most commonly) blocked BitTorrent from being able to write the resume file to disk properly.
  11. Avg. DS-based ETA

    It's not calculated purely based on current download speed. There is a sliding window for average speed PLUS a calculation based on detected availability.
  12. Losing internet connection when using BitTorrent

    And what about in the modem. What configuration options do you have?
  13. W32.Trojan.Gen Virus in Bleep

    Looks like overparanoid.
  14. Buffalo has support for that, not us.