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  1. Choose the Trorents category.
  2. You're going to need to adjust the main window size to be larger in order to fix that.
  3. .dat not .dat.old
  4. Only use the trackers already included in the torrent. Adding more effectively turns you into a node in a ddos attack.
  5. seeding

    There's no one to upload to. Nothing we can do about that.
  6. Reset chrome.
  7. Does the problem persist with slackware torrents? http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php
  8. 1> Nothing is throttling. They may simply have enough other sources for the file to only need that much from you, or they're downloading a stupidly high number of torrent. 2> No 3> HELL NO. Adding a bunch of trackers only serves to increase the load on those trackers and doesn't actually help you. 4> Mostly yes, BUT, initial seeding in BitTorrent does NOT perform well in any tested scenario. 5> Ignore those they aren't relevant to your issue. If you're GENUINELY the only one supplying data, make sure that the people downloading haven't been stupid in their settings. If they've followed those speedup guides from youtube, they are contributing MASSIVELY to the problems people have.
  9. Do you get a checkbox in the status bar of the main BitTorrent window when you're using port forwarding only?
  10. If slackware torrents work fine and complete fine, the problem is not likely with your settings or your computer but rather with the torrents you're trying to download.
  11. https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/13691-if-you-have-speed-issues-read-here-first/ The settings overlap enough that this guide still works. Just scroll down instead of clicking the links in the table of contents post.
  12. BitTorrent Sync has its own support forums.
  13. If the slackware torrents do not work, you have something in your setup blocking. If you require the VPN, then the vpn provider you're using is blocking torrenting.
  14. Usage support for completed downloads as well as creating content to download is beyond the scope of the forums. BitTorrent doesn't have preferences that cause the subtitles to not get downloaded unless the person that made the torrent didn't actually include them with/in the file. Putting them with the file is as simple as adding the subtitle file to the folder. Putting them IN the file is beyond the scope of what we support.
  15. Do torrents from http://slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php work or not?