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Posted 03 May 2011 - 10:29 PM

I will try to avoid getting too technical.

Your Internet service provides you with a maximum "speed" or "bandwidth". More about "optimizing" your Internet speed later... really, it's easy with the right tiny FREE file and you usually need to set it only once.

Many times there are only a few seeders for given program/files. Since Torrents are a global effort sometimes the files are located only on slow speed offshore Internet servers.

Also if you are trying to download multiple files, your maximum bandwidth must now be divided between all of your downloads.

Your download can only be as fast as the fastest server with your files, right up to the limit of your Internet bandwidth. Think of a hourglass(s) when you ponder this. Each relaying server is similar to a hourglass.

Now say you have 1GB of maximum bandwidth, you would still be downloading at the maximum speed the remote servers offer. And all of the other servers between you and the server at other end offers too... there is just no getting around that. It's not uncommon to have 8 or more servers between you and your target files and all of those connections count.

Now this problem is compounded when there are just a few seeders. Lets say there are 50 people trying to get the same larger program but only ONE of the seeders has the complete program; but he has a very slow Internet provider. With everyone trying to get the very last part of the program available only on HIS server, you will see your speeds drop again!

So the first part of your file may download rapidly from other seeders, but the last parts may present problems. Of course once the total program is captured and seeded by faster users that problem is minimized and hopefully goes away completely. This is why it is critical to Torrents to have as many seeders as possible... especially if you have a faster connection!

I am reminded of the first really huge program (GB worth) that I was trying to fetch a few weeks ago. It took DAYS to get to 99.9% BUT I never could get that last .1% and neither could anyone else! Now I'm sure MANY others were helped by me and others seeding part of the file, but without that last element, the entire download was for nothing. Also as I got closer and closer to the end of the download my speeds got painfully slower and slower.

Actually I waited with my system on for days, but that download never completed, it stayed stuck at 99.9%. Of course there was no way to know if 100% of the Torrent/File was still available because the Torrent was still showing available on the WWW site(s)... probably because of all of us still active seeding what we had?

Rather than have possibly hundreds of users hanging on for the crippled file, I thought it best to help stop the madness, halt my seeding and delete the incomplete file.

*Connection Speeds:

* Monitor your Torrent downloads by clicking on the "Speed" button in BitTorrent. Be sure you are set to "Upload & Download" and Use the drop-down arrow and select "1 Second".

* Search the Internet and look for a Internet connection optimizer that will fine-tune your Internet connection for maximum performance.

* Beware of programs that claim they can BOOST your Internet speed by 50 or other outrageous claims because they simply can't and are they usually 'pay me' bunk programs and no matter what, we still have that maximum "bandwidth" mentioned above at the start of this post.

* BitTorrent has a built in download manager so aexternal "Download Manager" or similar program will do you no good at all. Now for downloading files directly from the Internet, that's a different matter... then the Managers can be very helpful!

* Finally, TEST your Internet speed at least once a month.


Example: I pay for a Internet speed or bandwidth of up to 3MB a second. My Internet provider was giving me a tested 1.75 MB maximum! I called technical support and with a few adjustments 'downtown', I was back up to my maximum of 3MB again and I could TEST the improvement with the above link.

If I didn't test I may have never realized that I was only getting just over HALF the speed I was paying for!

I hope this helps you! Sure there are fine points to this post that others can take pot-shots at, but this is the best I can offer for now... and perhaps there will be a Part 2 later?


I remain,

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 02:06 AM

This doesn't explain why files on Gnutella consistently download 5 to 20 times as rapidly, even from a single source. Something is wrong. I have been trading files since trading began (FTP server era.) I have been trying to use torrents for weeks, and have yet to complete a single download.