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Guest PatrickClark

Getting the Blue Screen when downloading

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I installed the newest bittorrent on my new windows 7 machine, and about 10 minutes after I start the software, I get the blue screen of death.

I saw some other posts on here, and ran bluescreenview, but not sure what it all means.

heres the info from bluescreenview:


5/20/2011 7:05:38 AM










C:\Windows\Minidump\052011-13088-01.dmp 4




Any info would be appreciated.


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I have the McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise.

Not wireless.

I need to do more testing but earlier I had only one file downloading and it worked fine for over an hour. But as soon as I started another it crashd.

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Have you tried with McAfee uninstalled temporarily?

I am facing the same problem and i've uninstalled McAfee and replaced it with Avira Antivirus. What should i do?

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I tried everything listed, and still got the BSOD. So I uninstalled Bittorrent and installed UTorrent....SAME THING. So I uninstalled UTorrent and installed Taxati....SAME THING. So at this point I figured it had to be a general P2P issue and NOT the software of any of these companies. One on of the Taxiti forums they said many of the same things I'd read here about BIT and U-Torrent. Then someone suggested setting it to "TCP Only" for the download/connection protocol. (i.e. NO UDP connections) I did that with Taxiti and have had NO problems since. I can only guess the same might work for BIT and U-Torrent. Just don't know how to tell you to do that since I no longer have the software loaded.

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