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  6. Now this site has been deactivated. What are you planning (if there is a plan)?
  7. That doesn't answer my question
  8. I am in the regular view it's just empty
  9. What sideview category are you looking at?
  10. What would cause my seeds to just vanish
  11. I am Mr. W!CK3D, Mad genius intent on WORLD DOMINATION! 

  12. Aside from redownloading, you only have third party recovery software as an option. Redownloading is the cleaner option
  13. I'm using Bittorrent Weband I accidentally selected "Delete Torrent + Data" and deleted my files. I searched and it wasn't at User/AppData/roaming/bittorrent. Is there anyway to recover it? I'm running on Windows 10
  14. Dear developers, Will there ever be another update of utorrent/bittorrent translations in the future? Current last update is unfortunately for utorrent build 43085 (utorrent 3.4.9 from 12/13/2016) and thus almost 5 years old ... If help is needed here, I am currently still admin for the translation site and could help further. Greetings from Europe
  15. I was looking for a truly p2p chat client and it is slim pickings. With all the hubbub surrounding freenode it would be great if we had something like this.
  16. Right-click the column headers you have to give you options for the headers you don't have.
  17. Long story short My cat stepped on my laptop & messed up my utorrent, I've now “fixed it” but the “COMPLETED ON” heading is gone. I NEED to sort by date again, but don’t see any option to. It’s driving me nuts Please help
  18. Hi, I'm having some problems with BitTorrent for a while now. When I download small files everything is going fine but each time I download big size MKV movie file after a while I get a black screen in BitTorrent and freezes/not responding. I have to close the program and after it's start checking the file. My BitTorrent version is 7.10.5 (build 45967) 32-bit. Thanks for your help, Serge
  19. I want to know the same thing. I did not make this account, a hacker did with my e-mailadress. And did some posting I see? But I can not see what?
  20. What category do you have selected in the left pane?
  21. After a download completes, it disappears from the main torrent interface (list). Only incomplete download list is visible. Please help in locating the option to keep all downloads listed in the main interface.
  22. I started getting this message on startup a few weeks ago: "we respect your privacy" If i scroll down and click Agree - bittorrent freezes and I have to stop it in Task Manager. Also , if I go to "Update Privacy Consent" and click on Agree - it freezes again. Tried reinstalling and even reinstalling windows. Can't make the problme go away
  23. I have a large number of files I share, and I upload over a 300mps line. Average around 10-20mbps. I had, last week, over 800,000BTT. Then suddenly I started getting charged 100,000BTT/GB or more. What the hell is that all about? I know it isn't worth much (yet at least) in real money, but it pisses me off when I see charges like that. That means that me uploading TB's will be used downloading MB's! I turned off BTT usage, to see if I would earn anything, but it actually continued going down, AND, when I restarted my PC I noticed it had turned on again by itself. So I'm seriously wondering what kind of scam this is. If you want users to use it, at least let them set a value on their own BTT, as in "How many BTT's will you spend per GB?".
  24. Hi, I'm having some problems these last few days with my internet after downloading some big 4K movies torrents. I use Verizon as an Internet provider. All the websites pages were running slow to display and videos on YouTube were running forever with a circle. Torrent files were starting to download and stopped a few minutes later. I ran an Internet speed test on SpeedOf.Me and the result is download speed 13.16 - upload speed 14.15 - latency 30. I'm not familiar with all that stuff and would need some advices. I've heard about VPN before but never used one and would like to know about it. Thanks, Serge
  25. After 6 months Bittorent, after a short period of time, now says application not responding. HOWEVER the downloding continues but the app screen is frozen. Nothing has been changed or updated for 6 months. System virus free and stable. Win 7 Ultimate Have reinstalled etc etc etc no change
  26. Hi, I have a Samsung series 8 4K tv at home and it's always a pain to have to convert most of the audio from movie torrents, my tv only support Dolby Digital. Any tv that can play DTS, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Dolby TrueHD? Thanks for your help, Serge
  27. I have shared more than 100GB data, but my BTT doesn't update. What happens? I should earn by seeding with BitTorrent Web; do I earn when I seed with BitTorrent Desktop?
  28. Hi there! I'm really enjoyed your service - actually I started sharing my hard disk space for hosting and repairing. And i have set up only one computer on my laboratory PC. But now I have 3 machines on my own. I would like to connect several PC with several hard disks on one account, but i didn't find how to do that. Is it possible now or is it planned to realise in the future? How long I should wait? Many thx!
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