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  3. having a similar problem when i click a mag download link the task menu pops up where you can either download now or later but there seem to be no files to download it just says please specify save location while downloading .torrent file ive tried this with multiple downloads could it be a firewall issue?
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  5. I've been using BT clients since the 90's, I have a WD 8 TB, 5 months old, that has been working like a champ, my Downloads Folder vanished and all data in it. the last thing I did was a scan for malware with Dr. Cleaner because I was getting fake virus alerts I wanted to purge. the drive is exFat formatted and I usually run it on an iMac 3.2Ghz Quad, Sierra 10.12.3, it mounts but that Folder is gone. I cannot see any data on my Win10 laptop although the WD Utils can see it and unlock it. This is just insane...I'm sending the drive back after I buy another drive to back up 6 TB of critical data that I must double back-up on land & cloud. I've tried Data Recovery software and it cannot find a trace of it so far...scanning for quite a while. I had another external that was also bumped off that I finally got back up (long story). I'm convinced the Dr. Cleaner might have been the culprit. I think I deleted 66 MB, over 1 TB is missing. I can paste the contents of the Etrecheck file if anyone is interested, the guy that helped me said to delete all BTs, Lil snitch, ExVPN, all of my necessary cloaking implements & fun sw. that ain't gonna' happen, but I'll never use the iMac for DL's again. I've been up for 2 days with maybe 6 hours of sleep. Too old for this. Thanks to anyone that can comment or relate a similar experience. WD's support page is wall to wall "my drive/folders/files disappeared". that Smartware is junk and does nothing but cause problems.
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  7. There are a lot of factors in the BitTorrent protocol that make such collisions not actually possible within the protocol including but not limited to the known hash segment length. If those collisions aren't same-length or known-content aware, they are not relevant to BitTorrent.
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  9. Even though my post is a year old, the other day I did an experiment which is relevant exactly to the concerns I asked about: Any node can announce to the network that they're seeding a torrent. I generated a random SHA1 and announced I was seeding it. 24 hours goes by and I ask the DHT to do a lookup for the SHA1. I'm not expecting to get anything back because I assume the announce interval is like 15 minutes or something. But to my surprise, I get back, from like 20 peers, two IPs from China and Saudi Arabia. So for some reason, two nodes in China and Saudi Arabia thought it would be a great idea and lie about seeding a torrent which doesn't even exist. Why would they do this? What's the advantage in doing it?
  10. I was curious if there was any possibility that you all would allow users to download the Bitorrent client as an apk file instead of going through the Google Play Store. I really don't like having a marketplace that requires me to register and use an email account (specifically Gmail). There are other apps that have gone down this route and one of the reasons that I am suggesting it to you all is because of the aesthetic and structure of your website and of the Bittorrent client itself. It seems that you call care about details, things being seamless and effective design. I would also love to see a Linux version but that is for a separate topic. What is related to this thread is that when you download for example a torrent client to Linux you get the option of either using the package manager, installing through a terminal or you can install the program through a .deb/.rpm file. This is what makes me confident that considering releasing Bittorrent as an android .apk would allow for more autonomy and also discourage censorship. There is an amazing amount of uncopyrighted material and content that is within the public domain on the internet. Torrenting as a protocol is one of the most efficient and fast ways to distribute that data. I would very much like to see an application that can be viewed as legitimate and also as a means towards a more lax stance on the constraining of the internet.
  11. Hi, I'm using the latest version of Bittorrent client ( and I configured it to pass all traffic through a SOCKS5 proxy: in particular, I activated all check-boxes in "Proxy server" and "Proxy Privacy" sections in "Preferences - Connection" panel. But, despite "Use proxy for hostname lookups" and "Disable all local DNS lookups" options are both checked, I verified (through the network monitoring tool Wireshark) that the DSN requests still continue to be sent to the automatically configured DNS servers (i.e. the DNS servers provided by the router) and they aren't passed through the proxy (as it should happen according to such a configuration): in other words, it seems the Bittorrent client doesn't take into account the previous options. Is it an error or do I have to set some other option in order to get DNS requests pass through the proxy ? Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot in advance
  12. Ok, before I start Im gonna go out on a wing and say that Im assuming Bittorrent is the source of this problem as I have nothing else installed that could be the source.... So anyway, recently I was installing a game via a torrent and noticed an alert saying "storage space running out". this was odd as a week ago I had 100gb remaining. After inspecting what was clogging up my hdd I found a tonne, (See picture), of ads that had been downloaded countless times. After scrolling through and thinking it over, I realised that these were the same ads that bittorrent would often play when I was torrenting. Id understand if there was like 1, maybe 3 of each ad but im talking thousands of each, each ad at 4 mb(ish) and about 30 different ads, it starts to get ridiculous the more I look into it.
  13. I have installed the latest Bleep in my iPhone but can't send messages to anyone. Added contacts and also sent invitations, all this works like charm but after they accept invitation or adding it just shows SEND AN OFFLINE MESSAGE and even after sending a message it doesn't appear on the other side and vice-versa.
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  15. Thank you!
  16. I am having the same problem and I saw the comment that I should temporarily uninstall the NOD but what is NOD and where can I find it and how can I uninstall it?
  17. probably applies then.
  18. Just found that its magnets that aren't working, but a download link does?
  19. Hi Harold Yes they work well... Stu
  20. Do torrents from work or not?
  21. Hi all Got an issue- used bittorrent happily for ages with mac and BT broadband Changed to vodafone broadband yesterday and the only thing that won't work is bit torrent. Tried utorrent too- same issue Have asked voda to relax all parental controls etc, no joy When I magnet a link, it says downloading, but will not seed or leach and stays at 'downloading' and 0% Any ideas? Have looked top level at the router settings too but cant see anything obvious like firewalls etc Cheers Stu
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  23. With the client and checking the folder to make sure.
  24. And are you deleting the .torrent files from f:\torr yourself?
  25. I've done that multiple times with many different torrents
  26. Remove and re-add the torrent.
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  28. Same problem. I tried to delete Bit Torrent from "Control Panel" programs and it wouldn't let me. What I had to do was go to the AppData in my PC. There were 3 files 1.Local 2.LocalLow and 3.Roaming. Look for Bit Torrent folders in each one. Start deleting what ever you can in the Bit Torrent Files. Many will give you trouble, just keep jumping back and forth through the files. Occasionally, click on "Control, Alt, Delete to open the Task Manager. Look for process tab, and end any Bit Torrent processes, otherwise it will prevent you from deleting files. Just be persistent. I finally after much time and effect got the program off my computer. Now I just have to go install something that works.
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