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  4. After a download completes, it disappears from the main torrent interface (list). Only incomplete download list is visible. Please help in locating the option to keep all downloads listed in the main interface.
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  6. I started getting this message on startup a few weeks ago: "we respect your privacy" If i scroll down and click Agree - bittorrent freezes and I have to stop it in Task Manager. Also , if I go to "Update Privacy Consent" and click on Agree - it freezes again. Tried reinstalling and even reinstalling windows. Can't make the problme go away
  7. I have a large number of files I share, and I upload over a 300mps line. Average around 10-20mbps. I had, last week, over 800,000BTT. Then suddenly I started getting charged 100,000BTT/GB or more. What the hell is that all about? I know it isn't worth much (yet at least) in real money, but it pisses me off when I see charges like that. That means that me uploading TB's will be used downloading MB's! I turned off BTT usage, to see if I would earn anything, but it actually continued going down, AND, when I restarted my PC I noticed it had turned on again by itself. So I'm seriously wondering what kind of scam this is. If you want users to use it, at least let them set a value on their own BTT, as in "How many BTT's will you spend per GB?".
  8. Hi, I'm having some problems these last few days with my internet after downloading some big 4K movies torrents. I use Verizon as an Internet provider. All the websites pages were running slow to display and videos on YouTube were running forever with a circle. Torrent files were starting to download and stopped a few minutes later. I ran an Internet speed test on SpeedOf.Me and the result is download speed 13.16 - upload speed 14.15 - latency 30. I'm not familiar with all that stuff and would need some advices. I've heard about VPN before but never used one and would like to know about it. Thanks, Serge
  9. After 6 months Bittorent, after a short period of time, now says application not responding. HOWEVER the downloding continues but the app screen is frozen. Nothing has been changed or updated for 6 months. System virus free and stable. Win 7 Ultimate Have reinstalled etc etc etc no change
  10. Hi, I have a Samsung series 8 4K tv at home and it's always a pain to have to convert most of the audio from movie torrents, my tv only support Dolby Digital. Any tv that can play DTS, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Dolby TrueHD? Thanks for your help, Serge
  11. I have shared more than 100GB data, but my BTT doesn't update. What happens? I should earn by seeding with BitTorrent Web; do I earn when I seed with BitTorrent Desktop?
  12. Hi there! I'm really enjoyed your service - actually I started sharing my hard disk space for hosting and repairing. And i have set up only one computer on my laboratory PC. But now I have 3 machines on my own. I would like to connect several PC with several hard disks on one account, but i didn't find how to do that. Is it possible now or is it planned to realise in the future? How long I should wait? Many thx!
  13. hello, i keep getting the status as Error when i try to download any torrent, why is that?
  14. Why would this be the case? Using a dell laptop with speeds over 50Mbps everything is up to date. UT settings are good as used before. can anyone explain, please, why it would start at 5MB then drop rather soon?
  15. Hello, I would like to purchase BitTorrent Tokens but don't know what exchange is approved for people in the US? Does anyone know? Thank you in advance. Lynn
  16. Torrents are commonly used for file sharing, but could they be used in a following scenario: Person A has a client installed and has registered on a network. Person A requires a specific service (i.e. a freelance ghostwriter) Persons B, C, D, and E are all registered on the network as ghostwriters through individual identifiers. When Person A executes a query, he gets a list with Persons B, C, D, and E. Person A than selects a single user from the list by clicking on the link. The query returns Person B's portfolio and reviews with the link to engage in a direct communication via an IRC-type of software. You can guess where I'm going with this. I'm wondering if such a system could be coded and how secure would it be via HTTPS (without VPN) because I'm certain that the additional step of creating a VPN would be a drag and ultimate deterrence. The point is to eliminate a middleman using a no-fuss system for less technically literate users. Hence, the torrent tracker. Thanks!
  17. do you happen to know where the web version of BitTorrent stores the .torrent files? i can't seem to locate the folder on my mac. Thanks, James.
  18. How to download bittorrent speed? Whenever i click the this url: it always automatically redirects me to a bittorrent web exe instead of a bittorent speed.
  19. With the basic version for Android, when i seeding i can always gain bittorrent? thks XD
  20. My eyesight is deteriorating and it is getting harder and harder to read the text in the GUI. Is there a way to increase the font size so I can more easily read what is displayed? I tried looking through all the settings for such an option, but couldn't read some of them...
  21. Web interface ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED !!! Solve this problem. Not difficult anyway! No access to the wallet on bitorrent speed web
  22. Hello my name is Benjamin and here is my idea : as we can already pay to speed up bittorent and we should (or we already can) pay to rent storage I think that we should give the opportunity to Seeders to get paid because they also act as proxy host with their IP. In theory : I'm a customer looking to rent a proxy so I'll choose between a shared proxy or a dedicated proxy and I'll also choose the country of my choice. Then Bittorrent gives me an sub address that is always connected to an hoster. I can choose to stop the rental at any moment. Of course hoster has to agree to become part of the program and they get most of the payment (95% for the host, 5% for bittorrent) made by the customer as incentive. They should have nothing to do, just plug-it and get paid.
  23. Ver 7.10.5 Search filter problem Search filters, pull down, put in criteria, click funnel, finds stuff.. all good But... If I erase the search parameters to leave the field blank, it automatically populates with "Filter Torrents" and because there is nothing by that name all torrents disappear. If I erase "Filter Torrents" I get everything back But.. if I chanview in the left pane from say Downloading to Completed "Filter Torrents" repopulates and again no torrents. The only work around I can do is to change the Search pulldown to "Smart Search" which does not effect the torrent list in any view. It seems that the "Filter Torrents" sits in the forground instead of the background as a suggestion/instruction as it wants to be. I hope I said all this correctly so you can reproduce the problem and effect a fix
  24. Some private trackers blacklist BitTorrent client. I hope it is possible for BitTorrent to identify to tracker as some other client. Preferably utorrent 2.2.1 or QbitTorrent. I would pretty much like to use Bittorrent since it is the most decent client out there.
  25. I am looking for a solution to share large video files securely to a single user. I have used bitTorrent tech for over a decade and have made torrent files with apps like transmission however I have never done a torrent that was meant for a single user and shared once. The reason I need this is I am having a hard time with internet stability issues dropping connections 1/2 through a 20GB file so basically that is what I want to do, share 20GB files using secure private torrent tech. Any advice?
  26. I want to install some dark theme in bittorrent. Is it possible and how. Please tell me
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