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  17. Delete the associations in windows and your browser.
  18. What indicators do you have in your status bar?
  19. Hi, I've uninstalled bittorent, went back and deleted the program from %appdata%\BitTorrent and went back to where i originally downloaded the program and deleted that. It seems that things like torrent downloads and magnet links are still linked to bittorent. How do i stop this?
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  22. I just replaced my hard drive and re-downloaded the program. I tried to get a file, and I got a little box telling me that BitTorrent was already open but not responding. I can only open the program using right click on the desktop icon and Rub as Administrator. I still get the same message when I try to torrent a file. I even have tried using uTorrent. Any ideas on the problem and how to fix it?
  23. yesterday i left bittorent running for a large file to should have finished while i was at work...came home and found the torrent stopped, checked tracker status and it showed inactive... after some reading, i found that i could stop or pause the torrent then start again and it would work for a few minutes then stop, going back to inactive...i've been fighting it all day trying to figure out will only download for a few minutes then the download stops and has to be restarted for another few minutes....etc ideas, suggestions - thanks
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  25. I don't mind trying but I just bought the pro version For my tablet. Would this have a conflict?, and not that happy with it as I am running a good 30 meg/s and can only receive 300 odd bps to 1.4kps.with the current version..
  26. Zytek XL complement the end of all your issues, extremely enough for most men it is provided you are reasonably healthy and do not go through from serious illness such as high blood pressure or symptoms of Heart otherwise you should see a large improvement in development top high quality as well as in You need veins flow and a excellent veins flow at that one to appreciate sex and if there are some issues with the flow, you will have to bargain on the fulfillment aspect. The makers don’t want that and thus involved NE to make sure of it.
  27. Change the path were you are saving the file. The path may be to long. Create a new folder. example: d:\market place\save downloads\torrent change to : d:\market place\save downloads
  28. I have a mid-2009 Mac Book Pro and two weeks ago BitTorrent stopped working. When I try to open it, I still see the BT icon on top and at the bottom of my screen, but I can't see the main BT window anymore. I tried everything (including downloading the new version of BT) but it still doesn't work. I'm using OS X 10.8.5. Help please!
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