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  6. KJLHAkfhawjfk

    Account Deletion

    Same here. Instead I edited all my posts (removed the content) on the Sync forum and scrambled my usernames (there and here), passwords, e-mail (via 10 minute mail) and when I soon log out I will and can never log into these accounts again. The reason for wanting to delete my accounts is that BitTorrent cannot be trusted with confidential information. My e-mail address and password (MD5 hash?) got leaked in 2016. I've been getting spam daily ever since. To prevent anyone else from messing with my account here, tied to my personal information, I took precautions and severed those ties. Admins; feel free to delete this account.
  7. Hi! My BitTorrent is not starting minimized, although it's set to do so. What could be happening? I use version 7.10.4, build 44633 on Windows 10 64 bits.
  8. Beamer Smith

    Avast attacked and killed my update

    UPDATE: Since the last 2 most recent updates I have to reboot my computer in order to un-hang Bittorrent. It will download fine for up to 4 hours then become sluggish in responding to click (like scrolling or clicking on a torrent to check it's status) and a: nothing happens, then b ) it says "not responding" then c) window fades and becomes unresponsive. If I kill the task and reload it usually does come back "like new" but slowly and often becomes unresponsive soon. After a forced reboot It spend time "checking" each torrent... Otherwise the computer is working fine.. This does not happen to any other programme. Thoughts?
  9. HyperSlayer72

    Add Torrent Window Not Appearing (But still open)

    That worked perfectly, thanks so much!
  10. Harold Feit

    Add Torrent Window Not Appearing (But still open)

    It sounds like the window is being rendered "off-screen" in the space that would normally be on a secondary display While you have focus on the add torrent window, press alt+space then m and use the arrow keys to move the window back to the main display.
  11. Been using BitTorrent with little to no problems for a while now, and all of a sudden the following is happening. When I add a torrent, for what seems to be only a few milliseconds the add torrent window (at-least the border for the window) is visible. When I hit enter the torrent is added and downloads correctly. However I would much prefer this not be the way I have to add torrents from now on. Does anyone have any guidance on fixing this?
  12. Boruch


    I am using the Windows version with a Nord VPN. Twice my service has been interrupted by Cablevision (ISP) because of a Torrent download violation. What am I doing wrong to avoid detection?
  13. There are several books that have downloaded up to 99%. Status says "Error: Invalid Download state, try resuming" When I look at the file folder everything says normal, 100%. I've tried force starting to no avail. I haven't downloaded books for a while but seem to recall a way to move the 99% books into iTunes. I can't remember how I did it and can't figure it out. Can someone help me? Also, please don't assume that I'm totally knowledgeable about applications as I am 64 years old and need things explained clearly and completely. Think about teaching your Grandma. Thank you very much for your courtesy. Susanne
  14. mike20021969

    Slow download

    Do the settings from the Setup Guide help? (Options>Setup Guide / ctrl+G)
  15. sverremunthe

    Slow download

    I have an ADSL with, in best case, 11Mbps download and 700kbs upload. I can NOT use 0/0 in download/upload speed, that will kill my Internet connection. So far I've used 800/65, which has worked fine, until recently. It seems that anything under 500 upload, maybe even more, will strangle your download speed. Why is this? It is obviously built-in, because it is the same for all torrents, no matter the seeders. I would hope that those making Bittorrent would remember that not all of us live in cities with fiber connected to every apartment!
  16. I'm getting ready to go away for 10 days and I'm setting up the Remote client and for the most part have it working the only real issue I'm having is I need to be able to set a different path per torrent the same way I normally would using it on my PC is there any way to do this through the web client?
  17. montel

    reinstating a remove torrent

    I've worked out the problem myself. The procedure I explained for re-installing a completed torrent is still good. My problem was that the completed file for the re-install was located in two different places. Both were in the correct hard drive but one was in the download file while the other was outside the download file. The one outside the file was defective and missing a major portion of the file. I had an error in my setup causing BitTorrent to load the defective file. It's all OK now.
  18. For the first time in years, I tried to put back into BitTorrent a file that I have removed. In the past all I did was open the torrent which went directly into BitTorrent. Then select Force-Recheck and the completed file would be reloaded. But now nothing I've tried works. The torrent and completed file have the same name and in the same folder. The folder used is currently working OK with other torrents. Has the procedure to reload changed?
  19. I was only off by 70 builds. LOL. The update installation went fine. I just let the wizard put the program in the folder where it damn well wanted to, so all of my preferences and ongoing torrent list was intact when I re-launched. Thank you very much.
  20. Don't trust "Check for Updates". It can be hit & miss at the best of times. You can see the latest build & changelog here: Download the latest build from here:
  21. Interesting. When I go to Help and "Check for Updates", I get the message "There is no new version available at this time."
  22. You don't have the latest build.
  23. 1. I have the latest build (v. 7.10.3 Build 44397) but I am still being pestered by the message to update whenever I start Windows 10. How can I stop the message from showing up? 2. When I last updated, the update wizard did NOT ask me where I wanted to install it (in the previous folder BitTorrrent was in). Instead, it installed where it wanted to, and I lost all of my preferences, directory locations for torrents and downloads, etc. Why was I not given a choice on the folder I wanted, as other programs do when they install or update?
  24. Hi, I'm not able to install the client once for all. Each time, I'm closing it, I can't find it installed anywhere. I thus install it again, as an admin, it's working fine, and once close, it's not anywhere. I tried to install the uTorrent client, and it's the same. What shall I do? Regards. St-mich
  25. Squazz

    Deleting user

    How do I delete my user on this forum?
  26. Beamer Smith

    Avast attacked and killed my update

    I know.. it's all that I could discern.. I wound up rebooting, and re downloading the file from "your" servers and it has been fine ever since.. Latest updates (last 2 for sure) seem to hang Bittorrent if there is nothing for it to download ie. 20 torrents but no seeders on 18... 2 download then requires a reboot to get it going again.. When this happens other items that use the net also get slowed down (newsreader and email for 2) Oh.. and thank you Harold (and team) for doing all that you do.
  27. I had this problem too.. Last item had a "number" over 200,000 and the only way to get it to download (restart) was to delete and re input the torrent Thanks for this one !
  28. I'm trying to download something. I had the download dialog up when I suddenly had to close bittorrent and reboot and now, I don't see it in the list of downloads of course but when I went to download the same thing again, it keeps telling me it's in there but I can't see it and it's not in the list of torrents (Location of torrents) nor in any other location. I've exited and restarted bittorrent but the same thing happens. Thanks. I'm using v7.10.3 and firefox 49. Windows 7, 64 bit
  29. mike20021969

    BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    If you're using Windows 10, I'm sure I read that programs running before the PC is shutdown were automatically started again when the PC is booted up. So regarding BitTorrent, un-checking the "Start BitTorrent when Windows Starts" option won't make the slightest bit of difference if the program is running when PC is shutdown. If this is the case, the only solution is to Exit BitTorrent before shutting down the PC.
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