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  4. Music files skipping prematurely in iTunes (MAC)

    I've been having the exact same problem. No clue what the problem is or how to fix it but I have found that if I make a copy of the file (in Finder; trying to copy it in itunes actually resulted in a shortened version of the song...), the copy version seems to play fine. Suffice it to say, it's a bit of a pain to go through and manually copy each file so I've actually been using file conversion software (I use XLD; it's free and pretty simple to do multiple albums in one go; I'm sure any other'd work fine too). Output format doesn't seem to matter, it really does just seem to be a question of creating a new file. Again, this is less of a fix and more of a work-around but I hope it's useful; if anyone knows what the actual problem is/how to fix it, that'd be much appreciated!!
  5. Location of torrents

    Been waiting 18 days for approval - come on
  6. Earlier
  7. Hello, I recently installed BitTorrent and initially, downloads were up to 5mbs. However, it's now slowed down to about 20kbs on download across numerous torrents (I've checked with friends and they have no issues on the same torrents, and are able to download at 2mbs - 5mbs, depending on the source). I have run a speed test and it's not my ISP, (which gives me excess 120mbs download). I have also checked the basic download and upload speed on BitTorrent and set both at unlimited. Anyone got any ideas on what might be causing this and how to resolve the problem pleasse ? Many thanks,
  8. Location of torrents

    how long do I have to wait for approval?
  9. HI, I am having a problem with bit torrent following a system crash. I was adding a torrent when my computer crashed. when I turned the computer back on the torrent is not in my torrent list but when i try to add it it tells me that it is in the list and if i want to load the trackers. clicking yes does not add the torrent list. Is there a way to manually amend the torrent list to remove corrupted entries
  10. Ge yourself a Win 7 laptop
  11. No peers when downloading

    Try downloading a torrent with a lot of peers and seeds. If you got great speed than the vpn is not your problem. you only need 1 vpn anyways.
  12. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    Ha posted yesterday with same issue, seems to have taken care of itself. I have no idea why but not complaining : )
  13. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    Me too...started about January 4, 2018. I've ran bittorrent for years never had this issue. I've unchecked the "run bittorrent at startup" option. It doesn't make a difference if the program is running or not when I shut down, it still starts back up automatically : ( I have no active torrents down/uploading....appreciate any help thanks!
  14. Ok, maybe I have a workaround. I have checked the option "Start BitTorrent when Windows starts", restart the computer. BitTorrent did start with Windows. Then unchecked the option, save it and restart the computer again. And it worked, BitTorrent did not restart with Windows. For the developers : It's just a guess but maybe you made the default option "checked". Then when we open the options, you only save it IF there is any changes, which is not the case if the option are already the way we want it.
  15. Hello, I'm having the same issue. I have unchecked the option "Start BitTorrent when Windows starts", checked the startup folder (empty) and the startup process but nothing. I also uninstalled BitTorrent and reainstalled it but it still starts with Windows. Any Idea ?
  16. No peers when downloading

    Thanks for your reply, Harold. However, as I mentioned in my previous, I have been downloading torrents for two years exactly the same way with no problems. The day before this issue I had no problems. The next day, problems. And furthermore, why would VUZE work on the same files on the same day with the same setup? I think there is more to it than the VPNs because I tried them again without the hotspot and it's VPN. To make sure, I am currently using a wifi connection on my laptop with my VPN turned off. I have the exact same issue, even after closing and restarting BitTorrent. Thanks again sir!
  17. No peers when downloading

    The vpns are likely blocking things.
  18. No peers when downloading

    I chose 5 torrent files to download. One came from EZTV, two from Pirates Bay, and two from RARBG. They appeared in BitTorrent, but none of them started to download. No peers appeared. You can see in the screenshots the files queued and the resulting status. One shows the PEERS tab and one the TRACKER tab. I was connected to the internet using my phone's hotspot with a VPN and using a USB connection to my laptop. My laptop was also using a VPN. I then chose to download two of the same files using VUSE. Thes files downloaded fine. I had downloaded many files using BitTorrent just days ago with no problems. I never changed any settings in BitTorrent, so I have no idea what may be the trouble. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!
  19. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". Ok, so how should I do that?
  20. Location of torrents

    Just got new PC set up by Spanish engineer. BT canĀ“t open finished torrents to seed. The engineer has set Location of torrents (store in) F/user/downloads which is the same location of new downloads. Is this correct.
  21. i get "windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate 52226546bytes" error from bitorrent, though RAM memory is more than 6 GB unused i often get error "windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate 52226546bytes" error from bittorrent though RAM memory is more than 6 GB unused, and bittorrent crashes . the same error also appears often while starting bittorrent and the app closes while starting ...even if i have only the bittorrent running,,,though in task manager more than 6GB of 12GB DDR3 ram is unused...the problem surfaced again after i downgraded from the latest version to version 9.5, when i could not start bittorrent with its latest version which i was using before using windows 10 x 64 with version 1709 on hp convertible 360 core i7 12 GB DDR3 RAM
  22. Change download destination

    Changes to directory settings are NOT retroactive to already-loaded torrents. If you've set your settings in preferences - directories, ALL new torrents will use those settings.
  23. Hi, My primary drive (C:\) is full and I tried to change the download directory (in Preferences) to D:. But it is still saying the drive has no space. I right-clicked on the torrent, chose Advanced, and changed the download directory. I don't want to repeat this for every torrent. How do I permanently change the default download directory?
  24. Unable to see Download Screen

    Enable the sidebar
  25. Unable to see Download Screen

    Bittorrent is stuck on an upgrade screen and I can't go back to see my downloads. I've tried everything other than reinstalling, but I want to bring this up in case anyone else has this issue or if it happens again.
  26. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    I have the same issue. Have been using BT for quite some time to my satisfaction, but this issue arose after installing an update somewhere in the last two months: 1. I looked at the start-up option under preferences. It was unchecked 2. Looked in my Windows start-up folder, wasn't there. 3. I then checked the option 'Start BitTorrent when Windows Starts'. Saved it, closed down Windows. Restarted. BT started up (as expected this time). Unchecked, saved and restarted Windows. BT did NOT start up! Alas, the next time it was there again at start-up. 4. I uninstalled BT and re-installed it (7.10 build 44091). Unchecked the start-up option under preferences. Saved, closed, restarted Windows. 5. Didn't help, BT is started every time I start Windows. Note: I explicitly close BT before shutting down Windows. OS : Windows 10 Home, version 1709, OS build 162.299.125 PC : HP Pavilion Desktop PC 570-p0XX
  27. An individual node may or may not actually have the torrent metadata, even if it has the infohash in its routing table.
  28. Let's just say I bootstrap into the keyspace and I start discovering nodes that are close to me. Can I fetch metadata of various torrents other DHT nodes may have in their DHT storage without having knowledge of Infohash. Is it possible to issue a request to all the DHT nodes in my routing table to give away all the metadata they are responsible for holding. By metadata I mean, every DHT node is responsible for holding Infohash closest to them, displayname(with some other info) and the list of peers downloading that torrent. If it can be made possible then it would become possible to build a torrent site overnight from scratch by crawling the dht nodes even if every other torrent site along with their backups and tracker server were shut down by an adversary. The request would be like give me whatever you are storing "because I want to index it and I don't have infohash".
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