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  4. So, I went to change the settings, but accidentally clicked "Get BitTorrent Pro" (right above it). I'm now stuck on a screen that gives me upgrade options to BT Pro! How do I get back to the main/normal screen?? I've tried exiting the program, and re-opening it, but it continues to go back to this upgrade screen. This is infuriating!!
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  6. In Preferences - general, choose "Associate with torrent files"
  7. hi i have problems after downloading a torrent file after downloading a torrent my bit torrent icon don't appear on the torrent file and by clicking on it says choose a default program mean while there is no torrent program in that bar (default program chooser bar on windows ) i tried choose default program on windows default setting on control panel, and there is no TORRENT file mentioned on control panel setting i need help thanks
  8. The torrents were flagged so that DHT can't work. Nothing we can do about it.
  9. I'm using a tracker that they closed. They said to use DHT so the download can work. But it is saying "DHT Is not allowed"
  10. A torrent is overseeded because there are more people seeding it than trying to download it. There's NOTHING you can do on your side to affect this.
  11. How can a Torrent be overseeded and how can I manage this in my Preferences? Do yo u have a link to the correct setup of the BitTorrent Settings - pls share here? My issue is that I need to boost my leeching, but need the correct 'numbers' to set it up correctly.
  12. In BitTorrent's Preferences - Connection
  13. Then the configured proxy for your setup is not correct.
  14. Can someone pls help me , i got that resently and i cant download anything with bitTorrent or utorrent or bitcomet. It says finding or connecting to peers. i tried disabling my antivirus , firewall , updating . I dont know what to do. On my trackers it says they are not allowed an on 1 of them says proxy connection.
  15. I would also like to delete my account in this forum. Could an admin please delete my account for me, since there seems to be no option for this.
  16. The provided screenshot shows no one to upload to.
  17. Yes it only shows Seeding / Sending but in fact it is not sending anything, the internet that I use is ethernet and has 20MB of speed and the upload does not even speak it is great!
  18. So the torrent shows seeding in your client?
  19. I used the "Create new Torrent" function on my BitTorrent to send a game, put everything right there until the crawlers I got in the GitHub from a guy who updates every day to the best ones he currently has, I sent my .torrent file to my cousin it opened and nothing happened it just stayed: "Connecting to Peer" and type my program is open and neither shows sending or anything of the kind, I find it strange why when low something shows download speed type 800 KBPS and Upload 250 KBPS and type with this torrent that I created does not show anything gets type zerado, already tried everything I opened the ports in the Modem and the Router and nothing, only sends if it is type for computers in my network I did the test went to another PC I opened the file there I waited a bit and started sending on my PC and the other to receive, can someone help me in this? My connection is CGNAT.
  20. If anyone has problems with this in the future: Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options> Disable "Use sign-in info... reopen apps after a restart" Typical obscure Windows 10 feature getting people confused >.<
  21. 1> 2> same as #1.
  22. Hello, I am suffering an issue now, hope someone can help. Lately my laptop OS system was ruined, I had to reinstall the windows. The cache files of BitTorrent was on drive D, all data still there, but mostly are unfinished files. My questions is: 1. Is it possible to continue downloading the previous unfinished files? 2. How am I able to import those files into a completely new installed BitTorrent program? Thank you very much in advance!
  23. You can add their IP to an ipfilter.dat file to block them. Create a text file. Add their IP address to it (1 entry per line). Save it as ipfilter.dat & place it in BitTorrent's data folder. Restart BitTorrent for it to take effect. To add additional entries at a later date, change extension .dat to .txt. Your text editor (e.g. Notepad) should open the file. When done, save. Change extension back from .txt to .dat. Restart BitTorrent if it was running during the changes being made. Look under the Peers tab to find the IPs. Right-click under the Peers window field & uncheck Resolve IPs to see the IP. You can right-click on it to copy (then paste). You can find information on most of those entries here: The entries relate to both ĀµTorrent & BitTorrent clients.
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