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  2. We are launching a major core update to support the latest BitTorrent protocol and upcoming features. We are asking for your assistance in helping us test this beta build and providing us with any feedback you have. This will help us get this powerful new version of BitTorrent to everybody at the earliest. Any feed Feedback is really appreciated and will help us improve the client for the whole BitTorrent community! Post your feedback on this thread. Get BitTorrent Beta
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  5. That depends on the tracker, it's not something handled here.
  6. How do you contact the tracker admin?
  7. Support for that is WAY beyond the scope of these forums.
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  11. How do you be careful using torrent? i am a complete rookie and got caught almost immediately.
  12. So really its not safe to download from bit torrent? apparently the owners of the copyright pay companies to scan torrent downloads and contact your server to to deliver their message,strange thing is the last two warnings were for downloads at the end of April and the owner of the material is based in Cyprus with a Canadian company called Canipre sending me the info to contact them to pay before they start legal proceedings.I have been told that it is not legal yet in Canada but still worrying. Telling me not to delete evidence as it's illegal in case the authorities want to review.
  13. @Harry Hotspur Send a reply email to these "companies" asking for proof of legal authority. If they are real, I guess your screwed. You should use a VPN or public wifi to hide your ip. Normally ISP's will send warnings to you before disclosing your information to the companies who are trying to catch you. Probably phony but you should just follow up. Be careful whenever you use a torrent.
  14. I am new to Bit torrent and have already had four warnings from companies saying they represent the owners of the work,they are making it look legal and asking to settle with them before proceedings are taken against me. Does anyone else experience this and what can be done? Sorry that i posted in this thread but tried to start new topic and its asking for tags, i don't know what that is.
  15. Contact the tracker admin.
  16. Last week
  17. I am trying to download some music files. The torrent files all showed multiple seeders, but on BitTorrent they show as having no seeds. The Trackers tabs all show the same: DHT "not allowed", Local peer Discovery "not allowed" and Peer Exchange "not allowed". Also the http shows: "HTTP Error 503. Suggestions or solutions please! Thanks jf
  18. That message ONLY comes up when you're trying to load up a torrent that matches one you've already got loaded. Check Labels - Hidden to see torrents that are otherwise missing.
  19. GOT IT! Thanks!
  20. Hello there, I'm a bit new to this world. I've downloaded movies alright so far but I'm having a hard time downloading from my favorite source ever since I've had to interrupt a download. Every time I want to download, whatever the movie, I get a message : "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" That sounds odd because I'm trying to load a different movie or file... I haven't found a way to reset the trackers list, but I guess there should be one. Thank you for your help, folks.
  21. I just told you.
  22. Yes, I do that to move the file when it is complete. I then copy that file to another computer to watch it. I would like to continue to share the file, but want to move it to a sharing folder so the download folder is not cluttered with files I have watched/moved to the other computer. How do I move them out of the completed folder and still share them without creating another torrent?
  23. "Set Download Location" when you right-click the torrent (with it stopped)
  24. I would like to move files out of my download folder after I have used them and continue to share them. I would like to keep the download folder just for new files, yet keep sharing them. How do I do this? I am using BitTorrent 7.9.9 build 43086. I have tried to move them to another folder, but cannot figure how to tell BT where they are. Can someone explain how to do this without creating a new torrent? Thank you.
  25. Where do i input the key, got to revamp all my pc. Due to the ransom attack.
  26. may be there is no SPI firewall setting in this router. thanks for the help
  27. I need some help, for some reason yesterday Bittorrent has randomly stopped adding/downloading torrents that I try to download both from magnet links or standard. I'll click the torrent link, Bittorrent maximizes from the desktop tray but nothing happens, no new torrent is added into bittorrent, no error, nothing. any1 have any idea why this has started happening? and how I can fix it?
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