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  4. Changing from c drive to d drive

    In preferences - directories Put new downloads in. This setting is not retroactive to already loaded torrents.
  5. My c drive is close to full how can I change my settings so everything I download goes to d drive instead Thanks in advance
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  7. Have Lost the link to allow a file to seed

    You need to set the download location on any files you move. Changes to the preferences are NOT retroactive to already loaded torrents.
  8. I know this is a simple question but I have downloaded a rather large file that don't have many seeders, and I would like to keep this file available for others. After starting the download, I had to change the finished download location (Almost fill disk) , after the file finished downloading (3 days), the file was moved to the new location, but the program came up with the error message (didn't save it) " it seemed to be saying that it could not find the file for seeding" when trying to seed. As I want to seed this file Any suggestions.
  9. Download numbering

    Check under labels - hidden for the missing torrent.
  10. Download numbering

    This is not urgent, but it is peculiar. When I commence either a singular or multiple downloads, whether from torrents or magnets, #1 is not displayed; i.e. the first in the download list is displayed as #2, Is there anyway to correct this. Thanks DacorDave
  11. download speed of the bittorent is just too weird...

    What setup guide did you follow to configure BitTorrent?
  12. so I wanted to download a game on bittorrent, my friend have 100 mbps and I have also 100 mbps. we downloaded the same game, (and we living very close to each other) and he downloaded the game on 2mb when I downloaded the game on 200kb that's weird isn't it ? my speed test results : (download speed)77.05 Mbps and upload speed of 2.00 Mbps which also weird tho, that I have that download speed with that upload speed so I'm really need help here...
  13. Have you forced a re-check on the torrent after making the changes?
  14. I have this problem recently and it's really bothering me, my download is stuck at 99.9% (yes, the download is nearly finished), and i get this error, i've run bittorrent as administrator and changing the download location, i also checked the torrent letter if it has a dot on it, found no dot, i just want to finish my download
  15. every file shows up as hidden and wont dl

    This is mostly caused by you not actually accepting the pop-up that comes with magnets. It may be coming up off-screen.
  16. every time I try to dl a file it wont show up anywhere and then randomly pops up into a hidden folder. I have reinstalled and tried to troubleshoot and cant figure this out. it also wont bring up the files to select after the magnet
  17. I see that I'm not the only one with this problem. On my Windows 10 64 bit machine both BitTorrent and uTorrent after a few hours becomes unresponsive. I'm using the latest version of BitTorrent. At first the program would freeze and show "not responding" in the upper left corner. I tried Windows Troubleshoot Compatibility and that reports that the program is not compatible with Windows 10 and runs it in Windows 8 mode. Now no more "not responding" and the GUI no longer freezes, but I can't click on anything, can't scroll, and the ad banner does not change. I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation installed two weeks ago. Also same with Defender or Malwarebytes. The program does transfer file pieces, but I can't start another download. Event Viewer shows nothing. After a bit of searching I found someone posted that he installed an earlier version, like one earlier. He reports that the software now run OK, but wants to upgrade. Where can I get a previous version and someway to stop the upgrade until this is fixed? Cheers
  18. Switch From utorrent to Bitorrent Why Redownload

    Thanks I'm OK.
  19. BitTorrent installs but does not show up on system

    It's a fresh install of windows 10 and is just using Windows Defender.
  20. BitTorrent installs but does not show up on system

    What antivirus do you use?
  21. I am having an issue with 7.10 on windows 10. I install the client and it opens after installation and runs fine but it does not show up anywhere on the computer so if it closes I have to run the install again to open it. It does not show up in Add/Remove programs, there are no files of directories that show up when I search for BitTorrent on the C: and when I chose open file location on the process in task manager nothing opens. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  22. Switch From utorrent to Bitorrent Why Redownload The guide covers everything clearer than we can describe to you.
  23. HI, I downloaded 50 Gigs of files using utorrent and I want them to seed using Bittorrent however they just want to download again. Answers like "this has been discussed 100 time before" or "read the migration guide" (I did that don't understand) won't help. Please under stand I have ADHD and this can be tough. Both the downloaded files and the torrent files are in the same folder, I believe that is correct. Thanks.
  24. Geo location

    Geolocation data on ip addresses isn't that accurate.

    can someone please help me I'm going nuts as to why I keep getting this message It seem like bittorrent is already running, but not responding please close all bit torrent processes and try again I have uninstalled the torrent and reininstalled it but keep getting that message what an I doing wrong
  26. Geo location

    I wiil very glad to see new column in peers table of selected torrent with detail geo ip information of peer such as city... Than'x, Konstantin
  27. Privacy

    Bittorrent gets updated even when i check off the auto updates. Does this happens to ensure bittorrent has up to date ads? My unchecked rest privacy choices are false too? Which means Bittorrens gets my privacy info (anonymously OR NOT) without my consent. Or is it just a bug? (For lots and lots of versions)
  28. Magnet links not working since windows 10 update

    That's a site-specific problem.
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