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  2. Can not Acess the torrent list!

    Enable the left sidebar.
  3. My BitTorrent displayed an advert for I think it was called "ExtraTorrents" and now has a page about BitTorrent Devices. Does anybody know how to get back to the normal screen? I have searched all the page and dropdown options but can not get back to the files. They do still seem to be working as the upload and download figures on the bottom of the screen are counting.
  4. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    No idea what keeps causing your settings to change.
  5. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    My settings seem to change to *3 from *0, by its self ever 10 to 15 days. Any idea why? I've changed from Kaspersky to Bitdefender hoping to a avoid this scenario, also checking the log files; no evidence.
  6. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    Has anyone found a solution for this problem of BitTorrent starting on windows startup when it is not supposed to?
  7. Turn on balloon notifications in preferences - ui settings.
  8. Torrent list reload
  9. I've been looking for a way to get a notification so I know when a torrent finished downloading, but I see no option to allow that. I usually forget when it's downloading so it would be useful. Is it even possible?
  10. Torrent list reload

    Hello,I lost all my torrent download list on the Bittorrent torrent client because i had to format Windows. Is it a way to reloadthe download list (batch) or store it so i can recover it before Windows become faulty?
  11. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    Thanks. That seems to have fixed it. No idea how that value got changed. Though it seems my security suite (Kaspersky Total) has been changing settings without prompting. Time to change. Thank you again.
  12. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    The actual default of that setting is 0. 3 corresponds to the "Remove and Delete .torrent and data" function.
  13. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    Hi, gui.default_del_action is set to *3
  14. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    in advanced, what is gui.default_del_action set to?
  15. This is a recent problem, one I've not had in many years of BitTorrent use. When I try to remove a torrent from the application using the remove button, it deletes the downloaded file and the torrent file which are located in different locations. Nothing has been changed, makes no difference if the file is seeding, stopped or paused, it deletes the entry and file. This started some hours ago and I've checked the settings and Windows settings. BitTorrent Pro 7.9.9 on Windows 10 Pro all updates current.
  16. Question about peer-id

    It randomizes peer ids on launch rather than per connection.
  17. Question about peer-id

    So just to confirm it does randomize the peer-id for torrents of private trackers now?
  18. Question about peer-id

    The manual is incomplete in its description.
  19. Question about peer-id

    Hi Harold, according this description in the manual it does not randomize for private torrents. I'm trying to find a way to show the private torrent I am using a new peer-id so that it doesn't associate me with my old peer-id. Preferably without having to do a fully reinstall and losing all my file list. Thanks. bt.randomize_peer_id: Disabling this option tells BitTorrent not to change peerid on every connection. It still uses unique one for tracker, and should also be random limit. This randomization is not being used for private torrents
  20. Question about peer-id

    Peer IDs are per launch of BitTorrent at minimum. The randomize peer id function randomizes them multiple times in a launch of BitTorrent.
  21. Question about peer-id

    So i've read that bittorent by default will hide your peer-id (anonymize) when connecting to public trackers but not private trackers? This is where my issue comes in. I was banned from a private tracker for inactivity, and was able to obtain a new account. I don't want them to re-ban me if they see my torrent client which is associated with the same peer-id and ban be right away. My question is, is there a way to change this peer-id? If I do a complete reinstall, and copy over my Appdata folder will the peer-id be in there and I will have the same (bannable) peer id again? I'd rather not do a complete reinstall without restoring the appdata folder and my dl list as I have many thousand torrents from various trackers on there. Thanks in advance for your help!
  22. Problem with Connecting/Finding Peers

    Looks like internet security software or internet service provider interference.
  23. Problem with Connecting/Finding Peers

    Here is a picture of my trackers with a torrent I downloaded
  24. I had BitTorrent for a while now, but about a week ago every torrent I downloaded didn't progress from the connecting/finding peers stage. I don't understand why it happens, and I uninstalled and installed the .exe again yet the bug continues.
  25. Empty torrent

    You need to show a bit more patience. If you're using magnet links, BitTorrent needs time to get the actual contents of the matching .torrent file from another user on the torrent.
  26. Empty torrent

    I haven’t downloaded anything in a while and now all torrents are empty when I try to download them? the pics attached are of what usually happens and then what is happening now.
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