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  3. Thank you!
  4. I am having the same problem and I saw the comment that I should temporarily uninstall the NOD but what is NOD and where can I find it and how can I uninstall it?
  5. probably applies then.
  6. Just found that its magnets that aren't working, but a download link does?
  7. Hi Harold Yes they work well... Stu
  8. Do torrents from work or not?
  9. Hi all Got an issue- used bittorrent happily for ages with mac and BT broadband Changed to vodafone broadband yesterday and the only thing that won't work is bit torrent. Tried utorrent too- same issue Have asked voda to relax all parental controls etc, no joy When I magnet a link, it says downloading, but will not seed or leach and stays at 'downloading' and 0% Any ideas? Have looked top level at the router settings too but cant see anything obvious like firewalls etc Cheers Stu
  10. Last week
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  12. With the client and checking the folder to make sure.
  13. And are you deleting the .torrent files from f:\torr yourself?
  14. I've done that multiple times with many different torrents
  15. Remove and re-add the torrent.
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  17. Same problem. I tried to delete Bit Torrent from "Control Panel" programs and it wouldn't let me. What I had to do was go to the AppData in my PC. There were 3 files 1.Local 2.LocalLow and 3.Roaming. Look for Bit Torrent folders in each one. Start deleting what ever you can in the Bit Torrent Files. Many will give you trouble, just keep jumping back and forth through the files. Occasionally, click on "Control, Alt, Delete to open the Task Manager. Look for process tab, and end any Bit Torrent processes, otherwise it will prevent you from deleting files. Just be persistent. I finally after much time and effect got the program off my computer. Now I just have to go install something that works.
  18. This is a picture of my preferences
  19. I haven't had this issue before but recently when I'm trying to get a torrent, Bittorrent drops the torrent under hidden and gives the error "Error: Can't open .torrent file" any suggestions?
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  21. That's not one owned by bittorrent inc.
  22. Seeing your s3 Amazon bucket, the problem is, visiting your amazon bucket will shows the files on the bucket, while secure bucket would bring up an access denied page. .
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  25. Command+click the torrent and force a re-check. Also, uTorrent has their own support forums.
  26. Had to reboot my machine and 15 torrents that had anywhere from 5 -75% done now all are red, in the completed folder and say 0%. I don't see the actual torrents in the folder designated for them. The actual downloads are in the right directly still. Tried to play with the resume.dat per discussion on the web to no avail. Why does this happen and is there anyway to resume these torrents?
  27. Then you did something wrong or have something that blocked BitTorrent from writing its resume data properly.
  28. But if i stopped downloading and click play, it will recheck the file again always which will use 100% disk usage and it takes looong time. If i pause the torrent and exit the client, it does not recheck the file. I have not got any corrupted file since i did this trick for years so nothing wrong with pause button. Stop and play is for SSD users only
  29. Second one is likely overparanoid internet secuirty software.
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