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  4. Quite impossible it is.
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  9. So the problem is in torrents? What the problem is? I can write an app to recover/re-parse/convert torrent files but I have no idea what is the torrent problem - BitTorrent client just need to stop and to start download to everything work fine. Is it really *.torrent files problem? I do not know how you diagnose it. Analogue looks like this: if we make a phone calls to someone and during 3rd call after some duration of talk we lost the connection with call break then we must not to use this phone number, isn't it?
  10. With the slackware torrents working fine, the solution is simply to choose your torrents better.
  11. May be other ideas how to solve problem? bT v7.10.0.43581 has the same "stop-to-download-at-1-2-pieces" behavior
  12. Yes. That advertiser is gone.
  13. So you removed that Advertiser is causing virus on pc in bittorrent client?
  14. True duplicates in the strict bittorrent protocol definition will never happen. The kind of duplicates you want to block aren't anywhere near as easy to prevent.
  15. Hi This is a extention of my post, which I have posted a couple of hours ago, requesting uTorrent developes to please add a feature in uTorrent for a user to import multiple magnet links. I did some research and find out that using certain WebUI I can import multiple magnet links inside the uTorrent. Can anyone please guide me which is the best WebUI for this? All I want is to upload multiple magnet links once besides adding them individually. Thanks
  16. Hi So far, I have tried the following torrent clients and your torrent client uTorrent is still the best. Transmission Vuze qBitorrent BitComet BitLord The only feature missing is to import multiple magnet links. Please see the attached screen shot of qBitorrent where I am importing multiple magnet links at once Please let me know when you will be able to add this feature. I will certainly help a lot of people like me who wants to download bulk files using magnet URLs, besides importing each link individually. Waiting for your reply Thanks
  17. I am just carious which file(s) does utorrent store torrents info. I am not sure if I can open these file(s) in a text editor such as TextPad But its informative to know which file(s) does utorrent store torrents information. Right now my uTorrent has about 8000 torrent files. I want to oraganize them in a way that I don’t download the SAME torrent files, avoiding duplicate torrents in multiple external harddrives. Please let me know thanks
  18. Aha, so it's a feature. But thanks for the advice, I used NB TorrentCreator which used >20MB memory and is one .exe of 350kB and that did the trick. Odd BitTorrent is not capable of doing the same as well uTorrent.
  19. There are standing issues with the torrent maker and how it reads files for hashing. You're going to need to use a different torrent maker for torrents of larger files.
  20. Manually modifying the torrent contents can and likely will invalidate the torrent itself, making you unable to download it.
  21. I try to create a torrent which is no problem normally. This one is. Maybe it's because there are a lot of sub-directories. Anyway, normally Bittorrent uses like 110MB while creating this torrent the memory use seems to grow exponentinal and the latest number before crashing is 1.3GB of memory use. It says it wants to reserve another 33GB and I've only got 24GB I attached the dump file and if it went well there should be some error reports send by bittorrent as well. If there is a beta I can try using the same files let me know and I'll test it. Or if there is something else I can try I'm happy to hear. For me this seems like a big memory leak (bug) and don't think settings will change anything for now. I'm running Windows 10 build 15063.296 and like I said, have 24GB of memory. Keep up the good work! 43581-bittorrent.64a7.dmp edit: I found out there were Russian symbols as folder name (Новая папка) and an extended dash symbol. I removed these but still same problem
  22. Hi I have a question. Can you please let me know the name of the file located at AppData\Roaming\uTorrent which contains the torrents info? I would like to manually modify the torrent info. I would really appreciate that. Thanks.
  23. I have similar problem. My BitTorrent app was forced closed accidentally and computer shut down. When I restarted my computer and opened BitTorrent, all my downloading torrent files were gone. Everything in the left sidebar showed "0". With my other bittorrent clients, when I open them (even after a forced shutdown), all the files seem to "re-down load", but not with BitTorrent. Have I lost all my torrent downloads and have to start all over again?
  24. Yes, just checked it, it's on. I mean, definitely something's oddly wrong, I don't think it's a matter of turning on/off.
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  26. It happened with me like twice, uninstalled the app waited for sometime and did the install again. Have not faced a problem yet, Don't know why it happened though.
  27. Preferences - ui settings
  28. Yes. I even checked it. I mean, if you could tell me how exactly it's done, I'll check again, but I don't think I turned anything off in the client itself.
  29. Are you sure you didn't turn the notifications off within bittorrent?
  30. Hello, I'm from Russia, but I suppose I'll be able to describe the problem I have. A while ago I turned off the notifications (and the sound of them) of BitTorrent's finished downloads in the Settings menu of Windows 10 (you know, where you can edit the apps that show notifications, look at the screenshot) and now when I want to turn it on, the icon of BitTorrent is gone. I talked with Windows support, but they said something's wrong with my client. I updated it, but the problem still appears. What should I do?
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