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  4. Why would this be the case? Using a dell laptop with speeds over 50Mbps everything is up to date. UT settings are good as used before. can anyone explain, please, why it would start at 5MB then drop rather soon?
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  6. My eyesight is deteriorating and it is getting harder and harder to read the text in the GUI. Is there a way to increase the font size so I can more easily read what is displayed? I tried looking through all the settings for such an option, but couldn't read some of them...
  7. Ver 7.10.5 Search filter problem Search filters, pull down, put in criteria, click funnel, finds stuff.. all good But... If I erase the search parameters to leave the field blank, it automatically populates with "Filter Torrents" and because there is nothing by that name all torrents disappear. If I erase "Filter Torrents" I get everything back But.. if I chanview in the left pane from say Downloading to Completed "Filter Torrents" repopulates and again no torrents. The only work around I can do is to change the Search pulldown to "Smart Search" which does not effect the torrent list in any view. It seems that the "Filter Torrents" sits in the forground instead of the background as a suggestion/instruction as it wants to be. I hope I said all this correctly so you can reproduce the problem and effect a fix
  8. after turning off the settings for it yes.
  9. I re=read the instructions and realized I was only moving the torrents, not the whole files. So I did it and it worked! Now, another question. I see everything is working or at least seems to be. And I opened the original folder with all the files and the torrents are back in there. Amazing. Now, can I delete the AutoLoad folder? Yes?
  10. Thank you for the instructions. I did see this elsewhere but I'm not sure I understand the Autoload folder on the desktop requirement. Doesn't that put all of my files on the desktop? That drive isn't big enough. I have a much larger HD that I already have everything in. Why can't I just point everything into that larger HD?
  11. Sorry if the answer is already posted somewhere but I couldn't find it. I did a Windows re-install then had to re-install BitTorrent. How do I re-load all of my once completed/seeding files and folders? I have all of my bittorrents and file folders in the same folder.
  12. Wow, something so simple. Thank you so much!
  13. You have the details pane dragged too high p the window, un-maximize it and get so you can grab the split above the column headers and drag it down.
  14. As you can see, I have 49 torrents, and NONE hidden. For some reason the list of torrents is not showing up so I cannot see the status of individual downloads. Which options should I check to verify that my program is set up correctly?
  15. If there are no seeds, it actually has LESS chance.
  16. I found the same torrent on another site. However this one has no seeds, 10 peers. The one I am downloading now has 6 seeds and 4 peers. Would the torrent with 10 peers have a greater chance of getting a peer with the missing pieces?
  17. In your case only if someone with the missing pieces joins the torrent again. Normally, during the first run of a torrent, the availability can peak overall in the thousands.
  18. Is it possible for the availability to increase over time?
  19. The availability number is based on the number of times each piece is seen among the people you're connected to. If there's not at least one copy of EVERY piece of the torrent, the availability will be less than 1. If there's at least one copy of every piece, the number increases to the number of complete sets seen.
  20. Can u elaborate as to why having an availability of 0.956 is the reason I haven't been able to finish?
  21. That's why you haven't been able to finish. This never helps and in fact increases the load on those trackers needlessly.
  22. Hi, I'm new to bittorent but up till now I havent come across this problem. I'm downloading a torrent, It starts downloading really fast at 1.0 Mb/s then all of a sudden at 95.6% it just says downloading. Its been stuck at that % for a week now. The torrents availability is 0.956 and I've added tons of trackers to it,, but its still stuck at downloading 95.6%. Can somebody help?
  23. I recently saw an article citing the helpful practice of setting up a "backup" or "secondary" server or indexer. Now, of course, I can't find it again. Does anyone know of this or any article dealing with this subject?
  24. I recently saw an article citing the helpful practice of setting up a "backup" or "secondary" server or indexer. Now, of course, I can't find it again. Does anyone know of this or any article dealing with this subject?
  25. I am a total newbie and am having difficulty understanding the multiple usenet terms used and how all the usenet component interact. What do I need? What and how to best select sites/programs. Can someone suggest some really complete, in-depth yet novice understandable articles I can use for getting up to speed?
  26. Please post solution. Thank you Today is Sunday
  27. Unable to load * . The system cannot find the path specified!
  28. Hi, There are some mistakes regarding French translation and some additional translation to be added to be comprehensive please. Connection >> Connexion Peer(s) >> Pair(s) Transférez >> Transfert Upload >> Téléversement/Envoi Download >> Téléchargement/Réception Learn how to use BitTorrent >> Comment utiliser BitTorrent ? Learn more about BitTorrent Pro >> En savoir plus sur BitTorrent Pro TronTV Webpage >> Page Web TronTV Update Private Consent >> Mise à jour consentement vie privée Show TronTV >> Afficher TronTV Show Dlive >> Afficher Dlive Feel free to make any comment. I am available to do any kind of translation that may help. Best regards,
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