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  4. I was not able to contact the community manager directly. My question is how can I delete my forum account?
  5. You're already downloading as fast as your connection supports.
  6. You're getting your connection's rated speed. shows in *bit/sec BitTorrent shows in *byte/sec
  7. Hi guys, i have problem with my download speed.. I tested my speed on Ookla ( ) and i get 5,42Mbps but when i downloading some stuff via bittorrent my speed is 600-700kbps. Torrent have seeders.. Please someone help me.. Thank you!
  8. Usage support for completed downloads is beyond the scope of these forums.
  9. cstine

    no video

    all of the torrents i play only play audio. anyone know how to fix?
  10. Nothing we can do if the tracker is down.
  11. Hi my bittorrent works fine with all torrent websites except "yggtorrent". It's stuck at "finding peers" I've tried several torrent files on this website but none of the work. I'd appreciate any help
  12. @Harold, I found the scheduler option and have it turned off if that was what you are referring to. If I force restart the torrents they seed for a couple hours and then they say complete.
  13. Hi Harold! Thank you so much for replying! I do not have a transfer cap set if that is what you mean. I do have Upload: Limit manually to: "3500kbs" checked. Does that matter. If there is a setting somewhere to check on a time set (not sure what that means), please let me know. Thanks again for the help!
  14. No one is downloading it yet or it's overseeded to the point that you're not needed yet.
  15. Serge2015


    Hi, Recently I had to do a Windows system reset with Recovery Manager because I was having some issues with my computer. I have some portable drives with MKV movie torrent files and I added art covers to all of them but when I plugged my portable drives 99% of the covers I added to the movie files were gone.... I don't know what happened and may be somebody can help me in this forum. Thanks. Serge
  16. I downloaded a Pink Floyd and an Alice in Chains album from thepiratebaydotorg, I've been seeding it for five hours but it doesn't display an upload speed, the seed ratio doesn't change and I haven't uploaded a seed. What's happening?
  17. After a torrent is downloaded, the status will change to Completed before it reaches the ratio that I have setup. I would like the files to seed until they reach 1.5 (and have this set up in the settings). I am using a Mac and am on Version 7.4.3 (43797). Please advise.
  18. if the %appdata% location doesn't match up exactly then that doesn't actually work either. This is the procedure for migrating large groups instead of using a resume.dat file copy like yours.
  19. What I meant with that is, I installed utorrent on my "new" c drive, and passed the resume.dat from the previous driveto the new utorrent path, meaning the torrent files have the exact same path (%appdata%\utorrent)
  20. Don't move the .torrent files around once the torrents are in your client.
  21. Hello, (This is sort of illegal since I am using utorrent, but I cant find anything in the utorrent forums) I got this error as I moved my torrent files from a hard drive to another (I am starting my windows drive from scratch). The error seems to be random, as only a portion of my downloaded torrents seem to be affected. I've been looking around for this error but the only solution available is to remove the torrent from the torrent client and open the .torrent file, setting the download location to the completed location and letting the program recheck the files. I don't mind doing this usually, but the problem arises when you have hundreds of these, where tracking one by one makes it heavily time-consuming, and hoping there are seeds available so the file re-checks makes the process harder I tried opening Bencode editor, but have no idea what I could or could not change. I tried comparing a resume.dat file where I re"downloaded" a torrent with an old resume.dat in which I get this error, but they look similar, with the obvious exceptions such as "download_error: Can't open .torrent file..." Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  22. Looks like either the torrent isn't actually seeded or something in your setup is blocking.
  23. Hello, I just instaled BitTorrent and tried downloading but nothing happens. And I have no idea what to do. This is how it looks like.
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