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    If I want to restart my computer and I am downloading a application can I quit my bittorrent program and not lose any of my downloads as well as continue downloading when my computer restarts
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    BitTorrent writes data to a resume state file provided you let it shut down on its own time. If you let it shut down properly, it will resume automatically when you start it again.
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    Hi, Does anyone know if this version includes Bittorrent DNA when you download the 7.2.1 installation file? Thanks!
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    I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Is there a solution to this. I get the orange triangle icon in the bottom right handside for long periods of time and then the green icon for long periods of time in the same place. I've also noticed this when I run the bittorrent tests "Port is not open ( You are still able to download) can someone explain or even come up with a solution. Thank You