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    Guys, this was posted by Porfirio on the 21st of January and since then the CSV button has not reappeared. Hopefully they'll be back soon. Posted 21 January 2014 - 07:06 AM We had to take the email download away temporarily... we'll let you know as soon as it's back up. The emails and stats will continue to be collected in any case. Standby!
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    A download only option or a second limited speed option in the Scheduler would be nice. I'd like to able to have Full Speed during the night. Limited Speed when I'm not home. And Download Only Speed when I am at home.
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    Hi There, I used the mobile client and it's working great & want to purchase the pro, but just want to know if there is any plans for a "Stop or Exit" after download/uploads complete for the mobile app in the future? Precisely like the WIndows Client's "Stop & Exit Setting".
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    It works but I doubt that it will stay that way forever /: How ironic, the ad banner seems to have boosted piracy on connectify wifi thing
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    For the past two days i have not been able to download anything I am just seeing connecting to peers and downloading metadata. And what does DHT waiting to log in mean???
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    I get the "No incoming connections" triangle in the bottom right corner of the BitTorrent client and my torrent doesn't load.. The problem is probably not in the firewall as I have tried it with turning it off, but I'm not too good with this kinda stuff.
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    Upload Speed or Download Speed is slow?!?
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    hi there, my first post on this site, please be gentle with me. I had a look around and couldn't see anyone else with this request, if it is a double post, please let me know. I think that the title pretty much says it all. What I would like is to be able to set individual directories for software to be moved to once the torrent is complete, dependent on the label that is given. For example, when it is finished downloading, and ready to be seeded, usually it will move at all to a single directory, regardless of whether it is a movie or software or a TV series. I would like it to be able to automatically move anything that is labelled "movie" to my m:\movies\ folder, and any software to F:\programs\ and any music to my M:\music\folder - and so on, and so forth, once the current is completed downloading and ready to be seeded. hopefully, I have explained myself clearly enough for you to understand what I'm getting at.
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    Looking through how TorrentSync works, I wouldn't think you guys are far from making some sort of hosting protocol, where websites can be hosted using the torrent protocol rather than at a central location. Would be great for both the reliability of the torrent protocal, and its difficulty in shutting down. You could give a "folder" which contains part of a website to another computer without giving them full access to every file, rather only an encrypted portion. So people could "seed" the website without having admin access to it. Will
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    Is there an FAQ? Can there be one? Presumably this could just be made sticky and then be it? Mostly obviously: *) What determines if a bundle appears on the main http://bundles.bittorrent.com/#!/ page? Looks curated to me? What are the curators looking for? *) Can those crazy SHA-looking urls be shortened? Presumably it ought to be possible to just cut them off at 10 digits and have it work? It can't be a worry about collisions making it be that long?! *) Are there active moderators? Who are you? What do you believe about censorship, copyright, art and culture? *) "Why does it all look really rubbish and unreadable?" Turned out it was coz I was running adblock. I would guess the social-media-tracking-blocker lists, they're usually to blame.
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    Hey Josh, I had the same question. My team already created a bundle, but I have been hesitant to release the next because we want to get it right this time. We have a doc and will be releasing as a bundle too. I found this email very helpful: BitTorrent's 2013 in Review, Plus Two Free Downloads It shows the top downloads and the kinds of things they are putting in them. My team will be following these. Best wishes! --Tony tony@selectfilmfund.com
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    If I can add my experience on this, I have now two bundles for documentary projects with the trailer free to download and photos, music and extra videos after the email unlock. It is working well, looking at the stats I have a surprisingly good percentage of emails compared to simple downloads. It will be interesting, when we'll have the possibility of editing bundles and new unlock modalities become available, to see if more complex bundles with two or more unlock steps prove as fruitful.
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    Everytime i try to download a software i get an error message that reads "Possibly insufficient sources" how do I deal with this problem?
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    Hello everyone. Wow, I guess I have been busy creating content for bundles as I am about to publish my seventh bundle next week. All my bundles are centered around my fiction books, both Thrillers and Science Fiction. Here they all are in no particular order: The Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/5937ebff459c17da1d9974b1e0f88b7215dd170cacaeda3b3a85c5a11ecb8dc1 The Scarecrow of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/7cfe4c22081d3f12aff33597884b2153c343592c8950f426a15c5c46af8a4155 Inherit the Throne https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/c6349a3cf231cd16348e8b23bc00935d3947bcaf7d022248934edebb7eae4b5d The Warrior's Code https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/faec19c275c14b2bd6f8ad6c4fd570b6e4d846bf0b42c90d8c60cc4c14470ae5 Fugue: The Cure https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/3a56f7d0b44fb5e3fdfbd2e0a847e9baa01644d2ebafeac36811d202d6b33736 Herobrine Rises: A Minecraft Adventure https://content.bittorrent.com/bundles/9721c082180907f1eaf13fb7c28d75a57071b64b778b4fef82661b49b4a1ba47 Each of these bundles includes a generous sample of the book it is promoting, with the exception of Fugue which, as a BitTorrent Bundle Exclusive, includes the complete book for free (it is $2.99 at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc.) As I put out each new book, I plan to keep creating Bundles. A big thanks to BitTorrent for creating such an amazing opportunity to share our creations with the BitTorrent community.
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    My first bundle consists of five short films. All of which are on youtube but I like the idea of offering them in high-quality downloads. They are very abstract and experimental, it's not for everybody... but I enjoy it. I plan on releasing another one in early 2014, and I might just do a Christmas Bundle as well. I'd really like to be able to organize the files within a bundle into folders, that way I can release an entire album in multiple formats (mp3, m4a, FLAC) and have everything grouped together properly in a nice, presentable fashion. EDIT: I took this Bundle down to re-encode the files and release them again later. One of which can be found here: http://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/82c85e6ecf57ec29d43e98e5da80f012c9ea5817cda19e9bf6f1e85a29ec588f
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    Under Preferences, Bandwidth, and Global Upload Rate Limit, I have Bittorrent configured to limit uploads to a certain speed. For whatever reason, the Bittorrent software completely disregards the limit I put it on and uploads at whatever speed it wants to. I searched online, and along with "Apply rate limit to transport overhead" under Global Rate Limits Options, it was suggested that I check "Apply rate limit to uTP Connections". So I did. Problem is, my download speeds go from 2MB/s+ to less than 100kB/s, even though my download limit is set to unlimited under Global Download Rate Limiting. So I have two questions: why doesn't the Bittorrent software bother to respect the limits that I put on uploads, and why does the software drastically throttle my download speeds when I apply rate limiting to uTP connections even when I have absolutely no limit on download speeds? This seems like a pretty major design flaw. I've tried searching for quite a while now and I've been unable to answer the question and find a solution that works. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give (or a recommendation on a torrent client that actually works properly if there is no solution to this problem). Thank you.
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    Any system that will allow true distributed messaging will not allow the user to retain control. As long as there is anonymity and good encryption, this isn't a real problem in my opinion.
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    I cannot get the qr code to scan on my samsung s4, it just looks at my computer screen, and keeps saying scanning. Anyone have any success with this? And, while I am here, is it possible to sync two different folders on my phone to one folder on my computer?
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    Help! I'm not that excellent with all the advanced settings when it comes to computers. On my laptop I set up a computer name and password for the utorrent remote. I applied it and the status says accessible. I downloaded the remote on my tablet n I put the same computer name and password in and tried to log in. It keeps saying "the utorrent client is not found. Is your remote client running and connected?" Pls help! I don't know anything about proxys or whatever
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    Use a VPN provider located in Europe, and use tor to search for torrents, but i agree with Mrwounderful, it is more likly that you are not being up front. But just in case you are, read torrentfreak.com and here is a good story from them http://torrentfreak.com/finland-writes-history-with-crowdsourced-copyright-law-130722/
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    XP installs BT into "ApplicationData" folder because its a "system" folder. System folder entries are shared with other software programs, within the Application Data area. That's why is works in conjunction with your browsers. Software in the "Programs" area dont interact with other programs in the "programs" area. As far as a blank icon, I've never had that happen with BT, but I've had it happen with other icons and its a taskbar issue. Sometimes a reboot fixes, other times I would check then uncheck the "hide icons" in taskbar properties to get the icon to come back.
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    Conduit is malware that hooks it's self into all your browsers' settings and registry in a way that makes it very, very hard to remove, it's also a useless search engine, the results are very poor and stuff like Bing Google and Yahoo are the only search engines anyone ever needs. Anyone who supports them after I said this is working for them, you cannot fool me.
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    Harold is right about "don't download." Your step-by-step is: Open the BitTorrent interface, then press F5, then select the "Files" tab. Once in the files, Highlight the file(s) that are being dl'd and right click for the menu. Then select "Don't Download". That will stop the dl, but allow seeding to continue. You can also browse the other features on the "Details" interface.
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    More and more of the downloads in the Texts section of on my favorite public domain site, archive.org, are only available as EXE files. I understand many of these have been created by torrent2exe, which makes downloading easier for those without BitTorrent installed. I am cautious about downloading and running EXE files, because of the possible risks of malware and virus. How do others view these risks? I have BitTorrent Plus installed. Does this provide me any protection? Thanks
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    Is it currently possible or does the potential exist to utilize a computer as a mesh node through Sync? If I understand correctly, Sync requires an external router. If direct WiFi connection could be used, it would be more ideal to send file via an ad-hoc without syncing - similar to Bluetooth transfer. My idea would essentially be an off-grid Mega.co.nz, where routers are not available.
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    Unfortunately the OS X client does not work with a PowerPC running 10.5.8. But there is a PowerPC version for Linux, so why not for Mac OS? Because of this, the BitTorrent Sync is useless for users of PowerPCs, but there are a lot.
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    Just says 'Checked 0.0%' in the download bar area. Been that way for two days now. Is there anyway to fix it? I removed the downloads i had and re-did the process with new torrents only to have the same result.
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    This has started with me also! I have been using bittorrent for years, never having a problem like this. about a week ago i used to download with 2-4mb/s now it wont pass 1kb!!! it started after i formatted my laptop, and i downloaded bittorrent from the website like everytime i format, but this time its just not working like the thread says! Please post a solution ASAP, i cant live without my downloads
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    thanks . but ... its very very heavy ! Max 70 - 90 % CPU Min 20 - 50 % CPU v. 7.7 is better . Please Check .
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    So for the past few months, every time I've tried to update my BitTorrent, it simply won't allow me to because whenever I try, it freezes and I get an alert window from Windows saying the program has stopped responding. It'll check for a solution, won't come up with one, and then close BitTorrent. I tried uninstalling it to see if I could just reinstall it using the new version, but now when I try to run the installation process it does the same thing: freezes, checks for solution, fails, closes. Now I don't have BitTorrent on my laptop at all and I'm annoyed as hell!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!??
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    i am using Bittorrent 7.7.3 when i click on check for updates.it is showing dialog box there is no new version available at this time
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    I'm having the same problem. Everything worked great just two days ago. Now I can't download anything. Did all the stuff the fella above did, no effect. When I click the magnet icon, bothing happens.
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    Just want to say this solved my problem too! Thanks!
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    Whenever I drag a completed download onto a device conversion, it seems to save the converted file in my C drive (c:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/BitTorrent/media/<filesenduphere>) ; however, I wish to change this location (C drive is rather small). Didn't find the option under preferences, wondering how to do this. Thanks in advance, K
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    if i upgrade from windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 pro i lose all my (uncompleted) torrents??? if yes, how can i "save" them (i don't want to restart downloads)
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    Before re-installing restart your computer, check whether any BT leftover files are there in 'program files' and 'appdata' folders. If so, delete them(even if its just an empty folder with a name related to Bit torrent).
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    Thanks for the reply but what you suggest is not present? BTW I'm using 7.7 version.
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    No New Ver URL to 7.7 only old Ver
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    I just wanted you to know that I reluctantly updated to the new version...couldn't get anything to d/l...after new update. Luckily, I was able to get the last version reinstalled.Ans so, everything is okay gain but it's ashame that I cannot take advantage of your newest improvement.
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    Just wanted to say whats up everyone, any tips or tricks I should know hit me up. Thanks everyone.
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    How do I manually select which files to download? Version 3.2 only seems to have 2 options "Select All" or "Select None" with no preview window. Previous versions had a preview window. Thanks.
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    Greetings all. Im new here and I'm loving it! Is there a space or a contact for independent labels/artists to upload and share their stuff? Thanks !!
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    When is someone (hopefully an ADMIN) from BitTorrent going to respond to this MASSIVE problem with the current version? All of these steps that people are suggesting to fix the problem are coing from individuals who want to SOUND intelligent with problem solving, but who actually have no clue as to how to resolve the issue. This is a clear bug with the current, upgarded version of this software. All the logs being requested, and hardware/software descriptions are well beyond anything to do with the problem. I've been in IT for 20+ years. This same issue is happening on several different systems of mine, each with completely different platforms, all of which are stable and powerful enough to handle most anything. There were no probalems with BitTorrent on any system until the current-version upgrade was performed. Someone at BitTorrent PLEASE address this issue. It IS your software with the problem. All other possibilities, no matter how remote, have been thoroughly eliminated. And you individuals who are trying to help, PLEASE stop running users through a bunch of meaningless and useless technical processes in order to make yourselves seem smarter than you really are. It's not your product, so you can't fix it. This needs to be addressed SOLELY by the manufacturer/developer.
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    I just bought BitTorrent Plus and was wondering if there is any way to set, or change, the file location for converted files. It automatically drops the files on the C: drive.I like to drop the converted files right on to the USB drive I use.
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    I just install bit torrent and loaded a torrent but it hasn't started downloading.
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    I have downloaded some movies in multiple formats and I can hear the audio but never see the picture. It does this for me on two different computers. Any help appreciated thanks.
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    Hey, I'm new to torrenting, and I'd like a bit of hep with something... I have downloaded a few torrents from TPB, and I removed them after they had downloaded because I didn't know about seeding So I'm wondering, is there a way to seed that file, even though I've removed it from the list? I know I can just create a new torrent of the file, but will that seed to the original torrent on TPB where I got it from? As in, when I go back to the file I downloaded on TPB, will I be seeding it?
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    Hello, can someone tell me or point me to a page that explains how... Well I got a file from the community, but I took it out of the Bit Torrent program , and I want to seed it for everyone again. How do I get Bit Torrent to understand I want to seed that file again? Thanks!
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    BitTorrent writes data to a resume state file provided you let it shut down on its own time. If you let it shut down properly, it will resume automatically when you start it again.
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    If I want to restart my computer and I am downloading a application can I quit my bittorrent program and not lose any of my downloads as well as continue downloading when my computer restarts