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    This feature request pertains to BitTorrent client with the "Shoe Detailed info" option (F5) enabled. In the Peers Tab in the 1st column that shows the IP addresses of the all the peers you are connected to, BitTorrent shows the flag of national origin for each peer when possible. Since there are 230+ internet country codes and a flag icon for each country, it is not possible to remember all of the more obscure country flags, and the country represented by the flag icon. Since BitTorrent already displays the correct country flag icon for each peer (when possible), it would seem that displaying the country name in a tool-tip window with a mouse over of the flag icon would be a small step. I know this feature is Not "mission critical", but instead would be a nice touch. It also would be informative. For instance, If the BitTorrent user questions why a certain peer is downloading slower than others, knowing that the peer is in a country half way around the world or in a 3rd world nation might explain that. BitTorrent users would remember when certain countries are prone to slow speeds.