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  1. Firon

    How Do I Get Past This Screen?

    Press enter on your keyboard.
  2. Firon

    Install Bittorent, Or Just Execute Only?

    why are you switching? it's the same client.
  3. Burning DVDs has nothing to do with our software. We don't provide support for downloaded content, and downgrading won't solve your problem.
  4. If you hid your sidebar, open it back up and then switch to the torrents view.
  5. Which version are you running?
  6. For what it's worth, setting bandwidth allocation to high doesn't really do anything. It only adjusts how much BW a torrent would get relative to another if you have a) a download limit set and multiple torrents competing for bandwidth.
  7. It is not possible to do through the WebUI.
  8. Firon

    Log Files, Where To Find

    If a hard drive actually disconnected, you can see that kind of stuff in the Windows event logs.
  9. This is not the place to ask that.
  10. Firon

    How To Stop Being Reported To Isp

    No discussion of copyright infringement here.
  11. Are you on the latest version of BT? Help -> check for updates to make sure.
  12. Well, I added some extra things to catch more known spammers (which should catch the low-paid humans doing it). And yeah, the forums do require verification via email. It also already was blocking about 1/3 of registrations for spam, so it wasn't entirely ineffective.
  13. Topics are removed and I've done a couple of things to hopefully reduce the spam further. I'd like to avoid having to moderate all new member's posts though. Let's see if it works! Also, I've promoted you to a mod, since you've been a helpful, active user on the forums. If you do see any other spammers go through, it helps to flag them as a spammer. Just hover over their name and click on the flag.