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  1. Yeah.. All the removal utility removed all its hooks. I'm sure.. I checked all the existing services in services.msc. No such services were available regarding the symantec. I'm having a personal Internet connection from Reliance Telecom.
  2. It didn't work, even after I uninstalled Symantec Endpoint Protection, and at that time no anti-virus or Internet Security Applications was active. (Not even Windows Firewall and Defender)
  3. Its Symantec Endpoint Protection... But, Firewall is manged by the Windows itself.
  4. Certainly, there is a problem in the server. The Pic is not being attached.. Here is the link for the image: The image is uploaded at this page.
  5. I have been attaching it.. but.. I think there is an error in Server, displaying the error message as: The server returned an error during upload..
  6. Sir, I have been using Bittorrent for a long time. The torrents were working fine. For the last 4 days, only single and a particular torrent is working. And for any other torrent, neither the Trackers are working, nor they are being updated. Though, these torrents are working good in other computers of my friends. I have attached the pic of the "Trackers" tab, from my torrent client. Please reply ASAP.
  7. there are lots of seeders.. At the time of adding I saw about 2000 seeders.. and 1500 peers (approx..)..
  8. Is it possible that the torrents available for speed test (as provided on Help), will be downloaded and other torrents which we are trying to download will not be downloaded...?? It's so happening with me.. Please reply soon.. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear Sir, you may not have a better net connection. It may be slow. Moreover, sometimes SEEDERS disappear due to which it stops in the middle.
  10. Try a speed test. Download the magnet file file from the link : and then see if it works.
  11. Thanks. After allowing UDP traffic in the Firewall option, torrent started working.
  12. Bittorrent 7.7 Sir, Could you please tell me why torrent is not working. In the DHT row, Its writing "Waiting to log in". But, its never logged in. On starting the Application, there is some variation in the graphs. And after a few a seconds the graph goes down to zero.