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  1. Thanks for your replies. I had a couple of satisfactory answers from the Piratebay forum: "First you must have hidden folders enabled to be seen, this is found within folder options in the control panel. then the folder path is: C:\Users\#USER#\AppData\Roaming\Bittorrent Everything you have downloaded should have a metadata .torrent file located there." And.. "You can simply go back to the torrent posting pages and grab the magnet link or torrent file again. Since you already have all the data, you will be rejoining the swarms as a seeder." Thanks again.
  2. Hi. Well, I accidentally removed about 20 movie torrents from the list in Bittorrent client. They are fully downloaded and still exist in my hard drive. They were downloaded as magnet links, so I don't have the .torrent files. Is there any way to put them again on the client's list, so I can seed them? Thanks in advance.