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  1. testmonkey

    DNS problems

    Without knowing the specifics of your network, its kinda hard to even guess. Have you tried just doing a 'repair' on your interface instead of a full reboot? For Win 7 they call it 'diagnose' in your network properties.
  2. testmonkey

    how do I find downloads

    Try doing a google search for "movie name torrent"
  3. testmonkey

    i can't download anything

    Something I found after Windows updates... Whenever Winblows does an update, it resets all my security center stuff. ie: If my firewall is off, it turns it on, if I have a special config to allow certain apps (bittorrent or soulseek), it resets to default. Don't be so quick to blame BT, just read this forum from start to end and you will see the pattern. Someone actually states ...'it happened right after I did a windows update.... I have had zero issues w/ BT 7.2.1 Win XP Pro.
  4. testmonkey

    BitTorrent 7.2.1

    I upgraded to BitTorrent 7.2.1 the day it came out and I have had ZERO problems. Win XP Pro machine.