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  1. UPDATE: That fix didn't seem to work. I maximized it from tray and it's back on the Info tab. The file(s) you mentioned might be corrupt as you had described. I will backup the files to try the other suggestion and give that a shot.
  2. I selected the Speed tab then exited Bittorrent and relaunched the program as suggested then I removed last week's episode of a show then added this week's episode. I will let you know if this fixed it after it has finished downloading EDIT: So far this seems to have worked. I will bookmark this thread for future reference in case I have other similar problems. Thanks a million for your advice. *high-5*
  3. How can I get my Bittorrent client to stay on the Speed tab? Every time I bring it up from the task bar or add a new .torrent it has changed to the Info tab.
  4. Thanks for the info, Archenemy
  5. So ... where is the option to remove the "Instant Download" spam at the top of my BitTorrent client?
  6. That's nice but how many times should I click the X to make one particular spam ad disappear? 5? 10? 20? I have clicked more than 30 times and the same spam ad is still there. Will I receive financial compensation when my mouse gets worn out from needlessly and repeatedly clicking so many times?
  7. The option to enable/disable them would be nice :-)
  8. Did you open the Downloads folder or just highlight it to select?
  9. What is this Instant Download stuff at the top of my BitTorrent client? How do I disable it? I do not want that spam crap in my client.
  10. If it's an online game it might slow down one or the other or both depending on which is trying to use more bandwidth. If it's not an online game I don't see any problems playing your game.