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  1. Wait! It's started downloading when I ran it through Proxifier. But this kinda limits my online gaming experience. Any idea why this was the solution?
  2. I uninstalled my personal firewall, now just using Windows' and I'm at university using their proxy in my hostel and they haven't made any changes.
  3. Think that I should add, other clients also don't seem to be working
  4. Thank you so much for helping!
  5. Didn't work.
  6. Will this fix the non downloading issue. I paused some, only running 4 torrents now but they're still not downloading. I'm seeding quite a few torrents, could that be the problem?
  7. So here's the deal. I was downloading fine from scenetime and iptorrents until one day I changed the maximum number of active torrents and maximum number of active connections and and all my torrents just stopped downloading. Yet I'm still seeding all my completed torrents and my incomplete torrents' status bar is blue and says downloading but nothings happening. Uninstalled personal firewall, nothing. I'm using Windows Firewall with added permissions for BT's port along with MSE. But keep in mind, it downloaded fine until I changed those settings. Did change them back to 8 each btw. Any help would be appreciated. FYI slackware torrent also not working. Please and thank you!