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  1. Hello, For example if I would like to download a couple of movies over night how do I queue them to start at a specific time? I saw where you can go in and change the color of the blocks but I guess I am more interested on the queing and starting times. Thanks, Frazier
  2. Hello, I guess I'm clueless on where to do this? Registry? I am looking through there, would it be just as good to uninstall the program and reinstall it? Thanks, Frazier
  3. Hello, I am new to this and am just trying to find some settings that will help with faster downloads? I have tried a few different things, Youtube, Port forwarding, I'm thinking I have the settings messed up somehow because the downloads are slow. Needing a little tune up on correct settings. Thanks, Frazier
  4. Thanks, Sorry not to sure what the availability is. Sorry for not knowing much about this just trying to get some basics down so it doesn't take me 21 hours to download a movie unless that is the norm? Like I mentioned the stuff is all greek to me and the few places I have been indicates different settings for the same thing, manually, router. Would there or is there a real basic walkthrough that could give me what i'm looking for? Thanks, Frazier
  5. Thanks, Still having some problems, not quite sure what else I can do or where to look. I started a movie yesterday that is 7.65 GB it has been 17 hours at I am at 90% completed. I've tried to make some changes as the ports with Bittorrent and my router but nothing seems to change. Thanks again for any help, my internet speeds are up to 50Mpbs downloads and up to 2Mpbs. Thanks, Frazier
  6. Hi There,

    I am new at this and am needing some help setting up for faster downloads, could you help me with settings/



  7. Hello there, I am a newbie with this stuff and just trying to find correct settings for Bittorrent so my downloads will be faster. Would you be able to help?



  8. Hello There, I am a newbie at this and I am trying to adjust my setting for faster downloads. My first movie is still downloading after 12 hours, it is only 77% complete. I tried to go online and view some videos but they seem to have different settings for everything so I'm thinking I need to reset my setting and start over. Looking to set up for faster downloads if possible. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks, Frazier
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