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  1. Try whitelisting BT On topic, will this conflict with Microsoft security essentials? Oh and, do we now have option to turn off ads? as promised by moderator "firon"?
  2. It works but I doubt that it will stay that way forever /: How ironic, the ad banner seems to have boosted piracy on connectify wifi thing
  3. WHERE IS THE OPTION? It's a shame you're nominated the community manager, being a no-helper and all
  4. Nvm, the top banner is STILL there, Harold where the F-CK-1 is your support as a community manager?
  5. I think this is a scam. I've searched trough ALL the settings and I find no filter that says this I can confirm that mine works ._. I hate BitTorrent now
  6. There is no "sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled" option in the advanced settings. When I type "spon" it doesn't show anything (blank result) EDIT, I can right click the left banner and hide it. For the top, go to Advanced and search for "Content" in the filter field Click the "content_offer_url" and set it to "0" (numerical zero), or you can use U+200C from windows character map (arial selection) and paste it in the settings a few times.