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  1. Hi! I'm running BitTorrent 7.9.5, build 41373. I was wondering if there is a way to determine if/when a specific IP has multiple connections to different torrents? I am currently seeding about 445 different torrents, so the condition is somewhat self-inflicted if an individual takes advantage of my generosity and starts leeching multiple torrents concurrently. I've turned on Peer Traffic Logging > Log incoming connections, but that doesn't really show sustained connections. Is there a Verbose logging option that could identify active leeching? I could not find a similar topic after doing a search of the forums. If an option does not exist, I will put in a feature request. Thanks in advance for any insights into this matter!
  2. orangeboy

    7.9 Stable

    It appears the Detailed Information (view toggled with F5 key) does not retain the last (or current) view for very long. I prefer to view the Peers connected to a torrent. After an undetermined amount of time, the view always reverts back to Files.
  3. Thank you Harold - That addressed getting the torrent files visible again. But now I have 14 orphaned torrents still in my \Active directory. Shouldn't the client move those completed .torrent files to \Completed, and update the resume file?
  4. I found 14 torrents that exhibit the topic error after performing latest update to 7.9.2 build 38914 on Windows Server 2003. What doesn't make sense is where the client is looking for the errant .torrent files: in my "Active" directory. To better explain, my directory preferences are set this way: Put new downloads in: I:\Torrents\In Progress Move completed downloads to: I:\Torrents\Seeding Store .torrents in: I:\Torrents\Active Move .torrents for finished jobs to: I:\Torrents\Completed Automatically load .torrents from: I:\Torrents\Incoming The errant torrent files have completed quite some time ago, as long ago as 2013. I currently have only 3 valid .torrent files in my "Active" directory, finding peers or downloading. The other 14 incorrectly listed in the client's "Downloading" section can be found as .torrent files in "Completed" or as .loaded files in "Incoming". Please advise.
  5. The numbers are the order you pass the arguments to the batch file. For example, if you pass %D first, it becomes %1. If you pass %N first, it becomes %1. Here's an example script I use to make a "copy" of a just completed torrent, using %D (Directory) and %L (Label): @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION::------------------------------------------------------------------:::: Create variables based on arguments passed to the batch file, :::: where the first argument represents the source (downloaded) :::: torrent files, and the second argument represents the type :::: of download (e.g., Audio or Video): ::::------------------------------------------------------------------::SET source=%~dp1SET target=I:\Led Zeppelin\Torrent Download\%2PAUSE::------------------------------------------------------------------:::: Ensure target directory exists, :::: Build empty target directory structure: ::::------------------------------------------------------------------::IF NOT EXIST "%target%" MKDIR "%target%"XCOPY /t /i "%~1" "%target%\%~nx1"::------------------------------------------------------------------:::: Loop through all files in source directory, :::: Manipulate the file path name to reflect target path name, :::: Invoke FSUTIL to create new hardlinked file names in the :::: target directory structure: ::::------------------------------------------------------------------::FOR /F "tokens=* delims=" %%A IN ('DIR /B /S /A:-D "%~1"') DO ( SET output=%%A SET output=!output:%source%=%target%\! FSUTIL hardlink create "!output!" "%%~A")EXIT /B:: Example commandline execution::: Bittorrent_Copy.bat "%D" %L:: Bittorrent_Copy.bat "I:\Torrents\Seeding\1971.08.26 Houston" Video
  6. Same (ignored?) problem in
  7. So... Any suggestions? Problem added to a bug list?
  8. I've got a similar but separate problem: I want to seed a "copy" of the same files on two different trackers (via two different torrent files), but cannot. I've hardlinked a completed download to a new directory and downloaded a torrent file from another site that uses a different tracker than the original. When I try to add the torrent, I get the prompt: "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" If I say yes, it merely add the second tracker to the list found in the first torrent. This is not ideal and will get me banned. If I say no, nothing happens. Since I will be seeding from a different directory, in essence, I should have two completely independent torrents, each keeping their own statistics. Please advise.
  9. Hi - Platform: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 BitTorrent version: After migrating from to 7.7.3.? (I no longer have the executable to provide a build level) to, the BitTorrent client no longer updates the tracker after initial contact. I can see my client connected to the tracker and leeching with 0% complete despite completing the download and turning to a seeder. I can stop and restart the torrent which will then successfully update the tracker with proper statistics regarding percent complete (100%), but not statistics for amount uploaded. The same symptoms occurred with 7.7.3, with the move to 7.8 being an effort to avoid the problem. This is not a concern when the tracker cares little or nothing in regards to ratio, but a huge concern for those trackers that do. I have since reverted back to where updates occur without problem.
  10. You're directory preferences should be able to handle what you want to do. Here's an example of what I do: