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  1. I could see the 'Tamil' language under the list of available language packs, but under the 'Thanks to translators' page, the author to tamil language pack is not credited. Why?
  2. Before re-installing restart your computer, check whether any BT leftover files are there in 'program files' and 'appdata' folders. If so, delete them(even if its just an empty folder with a name related to Bit torrent).
  3. Where does this appear? A snapshot would help understand.
  4. Exit your BT(its different from just closing it). Try downloading a torrent preferably small in size. What do you get now?
  5. Remember, you'll never get download speed any faster than your original internet speed. If you couldn't figure out how to bring your default settings, or if you are not satisfied that you've turned it to default, re-install your BT. Make sure to stop all active downloads and save your partially downloaded files and their torrent files before re-installation.
  6. I don't think its a bug. Must be a temporary glitch. Try unloading the BT process and restarting your computer. See if its there. BTW, try to make a snapshot by not revealing your downloads. Its not advisable. You could've blurred the Download titles.