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  1. After posting this thread I continued to google for answers and FINALLY found a solution. I'm posting the link to the solution as I want to help others that may be stuck and having the same problem. Sometimes waiting is not fixing the problem at all and only making it worse. I hope that it is ok to post a link to another forum here. Solution that helped me resolve a torrent that was stuck: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/torrents/379662-torrent-not-seeding.html Here is the quote from that forum that fixed my problem if you dont want to go to that forum and read. Good Luck
  2. I'm failrly new to using BitTorrent (4 months) but with the help of reading many pages and watching video's I was able to set up my BTC and recently I have had problems with the last two torrents I have created not uploading fully. I have been seeding a file that is 1.3GBs for over 48 hours and it is still not fully uploaded. I'm not sure what the problem is as when I have made torrents in the past they have been simple to upload and share. Now I have many leechers (and from reading I know this isnt good) and I'm the only seeder showing on my uploaded torrent. I have googled and read many threads from many forums but still can not get a direct solution on how to solve this. Is there anyone that can possiably help me? I'm willing to send screen shots to solve this. Also when I first started downloading torrents and uploading I really did not have them organized and I would like to do this but i know if I move them it would not be good. I would like some direction in moving my torrents into 3 organized files. Thank You and Your Help is Much Appreciated. I'm sending a screen shot of what I see in my BitTorrent availability.