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  1. Where do I find torrents without magnets? It seems they all have the magnet icon beside them..
  2. There was a magnet icon beside the link, but the website is down right now. I'll edit this post after it is back up. PS. Thanks for the quick replies :-)
  3. I was going here and I waited 3 minutes. On the website it shows the file size and number of files. When I click it it goes empty and displays no files in the torrent.
  4. If you want red hot chili peppers songs, google "red hot chili peppers torrent". If you want the movie Avatar, google "avatar torrent". I only download from, so you could do " red hot chili peppers", or something to that extent. There are also other websites but I just don't like them.
  5. Hey, I'm using a Macbook Air 13" i5. I've successfully been able to download and run BitTorrent, but when I get torrents, they come up as 0 bytes once they go in the torrent. An upload and download speed are both still displayed, oddly enough. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. -Chris