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  1. Thanks, but this is unwanted solution. For example: I have 6 MB/s bandwidth, but first torrent uses only 1 MB/s. If I set max downloads to 1, then I waste remaining 5 MB/s. Is there any way to: 1) give all available bandwidth to first torrent in queue 2) but if first torrent doesn't use all bandwidth, give all remaining bandwidth to second torrent 3) if second torrent doesn't use all remaining bandwidth, give available bandwidth to third torrent 4) etc.
  2. For example, currently I have two torrents in queue. First torrent uses 4 MB/s, second torrent uses 2 MB/s. But if I pause second torrent then first torrent uses 6 MB/s. How to make first torrent to use 6MB/s without pausing second torrent?
  3. Then my second suggestion: do not make cross-file pieces. On the other hand, before relocating files BitTorrent seeds partial downloads with no problem. So, cross-file pieces do not break anything actually. All the more so I relocate overhead chunks as well (is it cross-file pieces?). My suggestion: just make BitTorrent to not download missing files after recheck. Let it just seed. Is it a big problem?
  4. Consider this situation: you partially downloaded torrent, then relocated files. After relocating files BitTorrent refuses to seed partial torrent without downloading all files. Meanwhile there are a lot of torrents which are implied to be partially downloaded. For example, aggregate torrent containing all editions of some software. It is implied that you'll download only one particular edition you need and ignore all other editions. Other example is "full discography" ot "full filmography" torrents. Such aggregate torrents are quite common. BitTorrent doesn't allow to seed such torrents. Significant flaw, isn't it? Very disappointing My suggestion is to allow seeding of partially downloaded torrents.
  5. I have partially downloaded torrents. Partially downloaded because I need only some files of it. Problems start when I relocate files. After relocating BitTorent rechecks files, figures out that torrents are not finished and starts further downloading. Therefore I can not seed such torrents without downloading all files. For this reason I stop seeding and remove these torrents from BitTorrent. Is there some other solution of this problem?