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  1. If you select "Use a custom photo" on the link that RomanZ provides, there's then a "Browse..." button allowing you to select an image from your computer to upload & use as your avatar.


    If you don't see this "Browse..." button, check you're not running any ad-blocking extensions.

  2. Hi Harold,


    You responded to my query regarding the download of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded.You clearly have parameters which don't include assistance pertaining to downloads but are you able to provide a link etc to a website that would be able to assist me further?


    Thank you.





    As Harold has made clear to you previously, we don't provide support for completed downloads.


    These forums are not the place to discus or obtain help for unlocking illegally downloaded/copyrighted/cracked content.

  3. "by default" for what? ...are you referring to BitTorrent Bleep (a chat application) or to the traditional BitTorrent Client (for downloading torrents)? If it's the latter, then you've posted in the wrong forum. If it's the former, please can you elaborate on what you mean by using Bleep "by default"?

  4. Is there a way to not have my cable company call...... telling me that I am downloading a movie


    1) Don't download content illegally!!


    2) If you're downloading content legally, explain/prove that to your cable company!

    ...but if you are downloading content illegally, these forums are not the place to ask for help in facilitating that.