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  1. Consider upgrading to BitTorrent Plus which is ad-free. See Compare Features.
  2. Sync IS free software. Sync ISN'T open source software, however an API is available should you wish to interface with Sync from your own projects
  3. Huh? Not sure I quite understand?'d rather Sync didn't start "minimized" when set to start with Windows, and instead open its GUI? which case, all you need to do is remove the /MINIMIZED switch. i.e., in your Registry, change: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\BitTorrent Sync, from: "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /MINIMIZED "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe"
  4. Really?! You are honestly expecting a reply from an Admin less than an hour since your post... and on a Saturday too?!! Anyway, slow download speeds could be due to several reasons, none of which may relate directly to the BitTorrent Client itself. For example; Your ISP may be employing some traffic management on your connection, and intentionally slowing down/limiting your P2P trafficA torrent with plenty of seeds doesn't automatically mean you'll get a file quicker, if for example available seeds have restricted/limited upload bandwidth. i.e. 1 seed with an 200mbps upload capacity would get you a file a whole lot quicker than 10 seeds uploading at a rate of 1kbps! Try another torrent; if you get the same slow speeds, it's likely an issue with your ISP/connection. If you get faster speeds with this second torrent, it indicates an issue with the first torrent ...bottom line, in either case, your issue is unlikely to be related specifically to the BitTorrent Client itself.
  5. Antonio, please don't hijack other people's threads if your issue doesn't relate to what's actually being discussed! This thread relates to slow torrent download speeds. Your issue does not, and help was already offered to you in your other thread.
  6. BitTorrent Sync can perform "one way" transfers and also has an "encrypted nodes" feature, which if used ensures that data isn't readable on devices you're syncing with! you may want to have another look at Sync, and then continue the conversation over in the BitTorrent Sync forums.
  7. You might want to try the actual uTorrent forums instead!!
  8. Are you a developer? you've posted in the general developer forum. I assume you're referring to BitTorrent Sync? In which case, you can find those forums here
  9. Right click the file, select properties, and in the resulting dialog click the "Unblock" button and then "OK". If there's no "Unblock" button shown, the file isn't being blocked by your operating system, and your problem is something else.
  10. 1) You've posted in the wrong forum - BitTorrent Sync is a different product to the BitTorrent Client 2) The behavior you desire has been requested in the Sync Feature Request forum in this topic. Consider adding to the conversation there.
  11. Once your "damp" file has dried out a bit(!) - I'd suggest opening a support ticket by attaching the dump file to an email it to, so the team can analyze what's going wrong for you.
  12. Indeed. This is not the place for discussing obtaining illegal/copyrighted content. In addition, this forum is for discussion of the BitTorrent Client - not other torrent clients/apps.
  13. I'd suggest the issue is with the device you're accessing the forums with, rather than with the forums themselves. At the bottom of each page in the Forum is a "Change Theme" link - try changing to a different theme that's more to your liking. The font used in the forums (for the "Simples" and "IP.Board" themes) is Helvetica (with a fall back to Arial) The font used in the forums (for the "Simples2" theme) is Open Sans (with a fall back to Arial) If the device you're accessing the forums from doesn't have the above fonts installed, your device will automatically substitute them for what it deems to be a comparable "sans-serif"-style font out of the installed fonts available on your device.
  15. Well, if Sync is still running at startup, despite you unticking the "Start BitTorrent Sync when Windows starts", it may be that you've manually added a shortcut to Sync to your "Startup" folder. On Windows, programs can be set to run at startup either via registry entries, or by adding shortcuts to the "Startup" folder. Click Start -> All Programs -> Startup, and check there's no shortcut to Sync in that folder - if there is, delete it and your problem should be solved!
  16.; this thread, indeed this forum, relates to the BitTorrent Client, and not to BitTorrent Sync which is a separate application. Please post in the Sync Troubleshooting forum instead.
  17. This forum is for discussion related to the BitTorrent Client - not for what you download with it!
  18. Usage support for completed downloads is beyond the scope of these forums.
  19. These forums are not the place to discuss cracking/unlocking software. Also, please do not cross-post in the forums.
  20. Right click the executable file, then select Properties -> Unblock