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  1. u bloody fool im telling i got 95kb/s 2 days ago and now it has gone down and im asking why?!
  2. im from india which country can i bandwith? pls tell me correct ans...
  3. i want to use my internet connection to the fullest in bit torrent are there setting for that? also please tell me how to change the settings to increase download speed i dont want upload speed at all i dont wanna upload! pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. but i only get 20kb/s also 2 days ago i had 90kb/s only now its too slow thats why and in bit torrent the download speed is always not standard and keeps increasing or decreasing what can i do to keep it the same?
  5. I have BitTorrent 7.7.3. My download speed is only reaching 20kb/s but my download speed is 100kb/s. What can I do to increase my download speed?