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  1. Seems like the ads have reached an all-time low. Pictures of a healthy looking 20s girl, then a pic of a young teenager, possibly 16/17, then a blonde girl who looks to be about 14/15. I believe the advertiser was "The Real Matchbook". Don't really object to ads, apart from the annoying odd one or two that constantly move focus away, or keeping beeping (both easily fixed by closing BT), but you might want to start policing them a bit!
  2. Hi, apologies if this is a repeat, but after searching several times and then looking through posts by hand, I cannot find anyone with the same problem. Since around five or six months ago, BT is not moving many of the torrent files for completed jobs to where I am telling it to; they remain in the original dir. Is there an issue with having a space in the dir name? Is it related to one of the updates? (now needs BT to be started in admin mode? etc.) As others are not getting this issue, perhaps it is system specific, but need to cover these bases first before looking at Win updates that might have caused it ...
  3. Or you could do what I do ... let BT move the torrent files from (X:\Torrents active) to a new dir on completion (X:\Torrents backup), and move the files from the dowload dir (X:\Downloading) to wherever you want (X:\My dir for stuff). If you want to seed them: move (or copy) the file(s) back to X:\Downloading; reload the torrent (force re-check if necessary), sorted! The biggest problem is the other rubbish (samples, .nfo, .txt, other stuff) that people normally delete. I know it is counter-intuitive, but moving it back and reloading the torrent will see the main files (or should after a forced re-check) and any other rubbish can be quickly downloaded. Alternatively, when you start the download, put the correct directory in the screen that comes up before the .torrent starts ... my documentaries, tv shows etc. are all in different dirs, clicking the drop down, or typing it in, is easy and much quicker than all that moving around - I still use my method though - it works, gives me full control, allows me to check at every stage, takes away a possible problem when BT does something unexpected on updates etc. and, if something goes wrong, I know it is not BT that did it! I have thousands of torrent files stored in case I need to redo/reseed them (and that's just since mid-2010!)
  4. Can you tell me how to downgrade, or run both side by side? In particular as the new alpha has taken over my settings, how do I get a side by side version to take the old settings? Thanks