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  1. Thanks Harold, am about to delete the .dat and .dat.old files. Your help has been greatly appreciated.
  2. Think I have it now! Thanks Harold! So, would deleting the .dt and .dat.old affect what I am downloading now? Is it best to wait until after I have downloaded? Also, for the calculation for the max upload was my understanding correct? Or should I go 1 step at a time? Delete the .dat files first? Thanks again!
  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding Harold. Do you put that string in the search field? Usually in the top right of the explorer window? Sorry if I seem captain clueless on this!
  4. Hi all, I stupidly changed the settings in the bandwidth, advnaced settings eventhough i was able to reach speeds of 500k/bs. Now, I am lucky to get 100k/bs. I wished I would have seen this thread before so I have a few questions. Fisrt of, my system: Acer laptop, using bittorrent 7.7.3 and windows 7. 8gb ram and 64ogb hdd. 1) I see Harold advised Frazier to search in windows explorer the following: %appdata%\bittorrent. Nothing is bought back so I am unable to delete the details as described above 2) If i am able to delete the .dat and .dat.old will that interfere with any current downloads I have? In other words, if i were to stop now and delete the 2 .dat files will I lose what I have currently downloaded? 3) I did change the port (in the connection section as it appeared better in the 5xxxxx and also 4xxxxx) but i also did change the bandwidth details so the number of connections, number of connected peers and upload slots per torrent were not the default. I changed them to 200, 100 and 100 respectively. After reading the detailed information provided in the above links, I do have a couple of additional questions (sorry to go on!!). To get the best download speed, was I right in seeing that you have to get the upload rate spot on? Otherwise it may cause the others you are trying to connect to, download from fluctuate alot? As that is was I am seeing now, it will go from 50k/bs right up to 450k/bs then drop drastically, up until I changed all the settings it was quite stable on good downloads and I was able to acheive about 550 and the max I ever got was 590k/bs. I tried the test and my max upload was 270k/bs so would i need to get 80% of that and set that as my max upload rate in order to achive good download speed? I really am sorry or sound like a noob for this but I should have stuck with the addage of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!' Thanks in advance.
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