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  1. There are several books that have downloaded up to 99%. Status says "Error: Invalid Download state, try resuming" When I look at the file folder everything says normal, 100%. I've tried force starting to no avail. I haven't downloaded books for a while but seem to recall a way to move the 99% books into iTunes. I can't remember how I did it and can't figure it out. Can someone help me? Also, please don't assume that I'm totally knowledgeable about applications as I am 64 years old and need things explained clearly and completely. Think about teaching your Grandma. Thank you very much for your courtesy. Susanne
  2. Error Messages and Seeding Stops

    I'm trying to return the favor to the community by seeding what I've downloaded. However, when I go to seed a completed download it starts ok. But then theres a red exclamation point in front of the name and the status says, "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming." Resuming doesn't do anything. Or it says,"Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck." The file shows nothing missing. How can I fix these, and how can I prevent this from happening? Please explain clearly as I'm not as adept as some of you. Thanks much.
  3. 2 Ratio Questions

    Which files? And where do I put them back. If I can't get them going, can I just upload a lot on some other downloads to make up for it? Sorry to be dense. Help shows no results for statistics. Thanks much.
  4. 2 Ratio Questions

    Hi. Here are my questions: 1. There are five downloads that are not running. I would like to start them up in order to achieve a good share ratio. However they don't respond. The first error message is, "Invalid download state. Try resuming." When I to resume the error message is, "Files missing from job. please recheck." All of them show that 100& was downloaded. ??? 2. Where can I find my total share ratio? Thanks so much.