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  1. I'm trying to return the favor to the community by seeding what I've downloaded. However, when I go to seed a completed download it starts ok. But then theres a red exclamation point in front of the name and the status says, "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming." Resuming doesn't do anything. Or it says,"Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck." The file shows nothing missing. How can I fix these, and how can I prevent this from happening? Please explain clearly as I'm not as adept as some of you. Thanks much.
  2. Which files? And where do I put them back. If I can't get them going, can I just upload a lot on some other downloads to make up for it? Sorry to be dense. Help shows no results for statistics. Thanks much.
  3. Hi. Here are my questions: 1. There are five downloads that are not running. I would like to start them up in order to achieve a good share ratio. However they don't respond. The first error message is, "Invalid download state. Try resuming." When I to resume the error message is, "Files missing from job. please recheck." All of them show that 100& was downloaded. ??? 2. Where can I find my total share ratio? Thanks so much.