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  1. Raze1991

    7.9 Stable

    What happened with Toolbar at 7.9? Stop Torrent button does not work! Play Torrent button does work to all early stopped torrents at old 7.8.2 version, but I can't stop any of current torrents! And there are no Pause Torrent button at Toolbar! Just compare old Toolbar and new one! New interface does not have any advantages - it's not multipurpose and not beautiful. P.S. I uninstall 7.9 and install 7.8.2, and all buttons work correctly.
  2. I can't install latest version 7.8 build 29463 because can't press "Next" button at first screen (step 1/4) after launch "BitTorrent.exe" and also can't close this window by pressing "x" button, only task manager can help me. My last version was 7.7.3 and I can't update it to last stable with "Check for updates" so, I delete my old version w/o deleting settings and torrents and download new, but I can't install it. Also checking to install my old version, and it install correctly, but in new one I can't accept licence agreement by pressing "Next" button.