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  1. SO I tried another torrent client, Transmission and was able to get the 2+ mb/s download speed. Bittorrent is still acting the same as it was, so I am thinking it is a problem in the new update.
  2. I am having this problem also. I have a Mac and Bittorrent version 7.4.1. A week ago I was getting speeds of 1.5-2.2 mb/s and this week a file will get to about 400 kb/s and then the speed will plummet to 5-7 kb/s within a few seconds. I have not changed settings in the program, but there was an update that I installed to Bittorrent a few days ago. I consider myself a seasoned bittorrent user and do not have any firewall blocks and I am downloading files with 1000+ seeds and connect to 100+ rather quickly still but the speed does not increase. I can get the speed to increase if I quit Bittorrent and relaunch it but the increase again only lasts a few seconds and is not anywhere close to what I was getting. Please, oh, please, someone have a solution for me. This is so frustrating!!!
  3. I should also say that I have checked and I am not running any firewalls on my router or my computer. I am also not using a VPN or Proxy Server but I do have one and if I turn it on, I actually get even slower speeds.
  4. I have Bittorrent on my brand new MacBook Pro. I have been using it for a couple months now and was getting download speeds of 1.5-2.2 mb/s on the files I download. I haven't changed the types of files that I download and I have not changed the settings. Since the update for Bittorrent came out a couple days ago, the fastest speed I will get is around 400 kb/s and it will last for only a few seconds until it plummets to around 5-7 kb/s. If I quit the program and relaunch it, the speed will go up briefly and then plummet again. I have run a speed test on my internet connection and I am getting anywhere from 35-45mb/s depending on the time of day. It is not my internet or hardware that I can figure. The files that I chose to download have 1000+ seeds and I connect to over 100 of them fairly quickly. Files that a week ago took 3 or 4 minutes to download are now taking hours. It is very frustrating, please help!!
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