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    Chrome blocked this version when I attempted to download it stating that it contains malware. What's up? "This file is malicious and Chrome has blocked it."
  2. Figured it out - I was looking in the wrong place. Press f7, then in left pane, expand Torrents, expand Labels, select labels and the new torrents display in the main pane. Select torrent in main window pane and then select Start.
  3. I only see the Labels option for individual torrents that are on my list when I right click on the torrent. If I select Hidden, that torrent disappears from the list. I am using 7.8(build 29545) [32-bit] on Windows 8. Before I upgraded, when I selected a torrent magnet from a site, a dialog box would appear while the system loaded the torrent information. Once the information was populated I could select Ok and the system would add it to my list of torrents in the main window and begin downloading. Now, when I click on the magnet, no dialog box appears, nothing gets added to the list in my main window, and nothing gets downloaded. However, if I select the magnet for the same torrent again, I get the message that "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" Regardless of whether I select yes or no, nothing happens. I uninstalled BitTorrent, purged all torrents and reinstalled, bit I still get the same result. It hasn't worked for over a week now.