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  1. Okay. So I have to type %2 for example? But what are the numbers for %N and %D? It doesn't say in bittorrent as far as I can find. Only the numbers for alot of other stuff.
  2. I tried it. Is does extract and it does send an email. But it just says N finished downloading. Not the same of the actual file. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. But will it still understand the %D and %N?
  4. Hi I've been using bittorrent for a while now and it's working great. After i've downloaded a torrent i've set winrar to automatically extract them. I put this in the run when torrent finishes line: "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\UnRAR.exe" x -r "%D\*" "%D" That's working just fine. But I would also like to run another program upon completion. This one: sendEmail.exe -f x@x.com -t x@x.com -u subject -m %N finished downloading. How doI make it so bittorrent will run both programs when download finishes? Thank you.