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  1. No, these are new torrents I have never downloaded before. For example, I downloaded an album by Maestro that saved as one complete album, but then I downloaded Foster the People and it saved all the songs without the album folder. Is it a setting that can be changed in BitTorrent? Or should I go back to an earlier version? Perhaps an update caused the settings to change..? I would really hate to have to create a new folder in my music before adding every new torrent so that all the songs from each album I download will save to the same folder. But if that's what I have to do to fix this... Just seems rather inconvenient to me.
  2. Hi there, I'm having an issue with my completed downloads. It used to be that all files contained within the original folder (let's say a music album) would download as one unit and be saved in the original folder (so the songs within the album). For example - I downloaded an album by a certain artist, and it has 13 mp3s in the folder. The download finishes, I remove from the BitTorrent list, and I go looking for it in my Music folder, but instead of saving as one folder - it has saved all the songs separately as a bunch of mp3s that are now scattered within my music folder. I have had BitTorrent for years and it didn't used to act this way. I would download an album, and it would save as one album. Easy peasy. What can I do to fix this issue? It's frustrating trying to search for artists within a music folder that has thousands of songs. I prefer to save my music by the album, or at the least - artist name. Thanks.
  3. I just finished downloading a torrent and opened it to make sure it worked. then I hit "remove", not thinking it would remove it from my phone, only from the torrent list. now I can't find it (don't even know where to look). I figured I had to download it all over again, so I reloaded the torrent, only now it won't budge. it's been stuck at 0.0% for a while. What do I do and how so I avoid this next time? Also, is there any way to set up a folder in my device to send torrents to, rather than my SD card? I have more space available on my handset.
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