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  1. Trying from that link, I get status 'connection closed by peer'.
  2. I've checked all of those things, and everything seems to be in order... The 'Status' on the Trackers tab shows nothing for about 5-10 seconds, then reads 'connection timed out'. Any other ideas? Thanks
  3. I did. I was able to finish one download; but left it running for 2 days before it finally finished. It had 133 seeders, and was only one song... I wondered if I messed something up trying to 'check for updates', because I've never had a problem until recently, and haven't changed anything on the computer at all. I really appreciate you working with us to figure it out. Thanks so much!
  4. It seems that there is a LOT of this happening, as several Forum questions are dealing with this same issue. Could it be something in the program maybe? I have no idea, just wondering, since it seems to be not an isolated problem. Thanks for helping, as I'm SO missing my torrents!!!
  5. My 'trackers' tab has DHT status 'waiting for announce'; everything else is 'working' as the status... I have not had any change in internet security software or anything else.
  6. I have used BitTorrent for a long time, but just recently (within the last two weeks) have been unable to download anything. When I try to download, i get the 'status' of "connecting to peers", but it never starts to download. Any ideas? Thanks so much!!