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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone. I'm very glad I signed up for this forum. I mean all of you reaching out to help or explain has been so so helpful. I can't thank everyone enough. I came here with a problem and got some great great advice and now everything is working as it should. Top notch forum. Really, I just can't tell you how appreciative I am. :angry: -crow
  2. So.... no help from anyone? Just wondering what build I was using for the heck of it...? -crow
  3. It's Bittorrent 7.8 (build 29626) [32-bit] Thanks for any help in advance -crow
  4. I'm not at home right now to check the specific version number, but its the most up to date stable release. -Crow
  5. I am seeding 3 orginal torrents and they are barely uploading. Here are the 3 file sizes and what I have upload so far. It has taken me over 2 weeks to upload this much. file size / uploaded 125 MB / 1.18 GB 103 MB / 552 MB 114 MB / 936 MB I have a 2 MB upload speed. Speed test said so as so does Bitorrent when I run the test to configure speed. Every torrent has a bunch of peers just sitting there. So there are a bunch of people that want the file, but my bittorrent software will sit there all day and won't upload anything sometimes. 1 of those files always has over 20 or 30 leechers but none of them have 100% of the file. So file availability is always at 1.985 because all anyone has is 98.5% So why do I have all of these peers wanting my file and my bit torrent barely uploads. While watching the peer tab, every once in a while one person might show up that I upload at like 1kb/s for 1 sec. The que says 5bytes and then it will sit idle for hours. Any help please. -crow