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  1. I still can't reproduce your problem, but when you erased all information, did you also remove all files from your appdata? It's typically a hidden folder so you'll have to un-hide it in your folder options. Should be somewhere like, C:/Users/yourname/AppData/ .. look through your folders until you find bittorrent/utorrent.
  2. Let me clarify my last post since it was apparently completely incoherent: Please go to your computer and open up your client. If you can't open your client, close it (do it manually from task manager if you have to to make sure the process is no longer running), and then install from the website. In the menu on the top row of the application, click "Help". This will give you a drop-down menu. Click "About uTorrent" or "About BitTorrent". On the pop-up box, right under the logo, it should say what version and build. For example, "BitTorrent 7.2.1 (build 25213)" That said, if you had to do a fresh install (as described in the first paragraph), please also check to make sure you're still having the same problem with it before reporting it. Thanks.
  3. It's supposed to be purple. If you prefer green, utorrent is still green.
  4. jlee

    Can't download !

    search on the computer, pick bittorrent, then set that as default.
  5. did you use the following format? "http://" + yourIP + ":" + listeningPort + "/gui" You should be able to find your listening port under Options -> Connection
  6. go to help->about It should list the build version you're using.
  7. jlee

    Can't download

    You mean when you search for something?
  8. so.. you did or did not get that warning window? And what version/build number(s) are you having issues with? "old version" and "new version" isn't very specific as there are more than two versions..
  9. Do you get the warning window "Automatic Shutdown will initiate in x seconds."? I have been unable to reproduce this on windows 7 64bit - try installing the latest versions.
  10. jlee


    I'd try checking with your content-source (isohunt) for issues with downloaded content.
  11. jlee


    I'm not sure I understand -- is Bittorrent still running despite not showing up in the list of installed programs? It sounds like bittorrent is already uninstalled...?
  12. Does the icon show up when you click the arrow next to the tray icons (by the clock on the taskbar)? If it does and you'd like it to show up without clicking the arrow, you can click customize and change the settings to "Show icon and notifications".
  13. If you're using and have installed bt, click on the torrent link to download, and then select open with -> bt.
  14. Go to the websites found to download the torrent you want. Then open the torrents with the bt/ut client.
  15. jlee

    What the Heck

    it sounds like you might have installed BitTorrent on your mp3(G) drive.
  16. jlee


    Generally, you can uninstall any applications you have by going to "Control Panel" -> "Add/Remove Software" (or if you have a newer version of windows, "Programs and Features"). That said, BitTorrent should not make your computer unusable unless you happened to download a torrent from an unreliable source, infecting your computer with a trojan/virus. In that case, you have bigger issues - like cleaning your computer.
  17. jlee

    download cap

    (Options -> Preferences -> Bandwith) or (Gear icon -> Bandwith) Set Maximum download rate to 0 for unlimited.
  18. You can uninstall 8.0 and reinstall the old version to downgrade.
  19. jlee

    Bug or Glitch?

    There was an error in your url (and the image seems to have been deleted already). Could you please re-upload/link and or describe the bug? Thanks.
  20. That's a firefox issue - go to Tools -> Options -> General. Under Downloads, check "Always ask me where to save files".