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  1. couple of possible issues after a file is DL setting it to don't download , I think is preventing it from being shared with other clients, the same with partial files, the bits you have don't seem to share. Also there seems to be some peers that are presenting file parts with a valid hash but then deliberately corrupt the stream during DL, there needs to be some better way to block these client IP's, they keep appearing with different files but the same ip's
  2. Ok it is connected with the 'advertising' engine that is in the product. Seems that this is tagged as malware as it allows code/exploits to be injected by an untrusted advertiser.
  3. Hi, YES I ONLY download from official sites..... Both safari & firefox, even via a vpn. options in likelihood of reality. 1. Shitty AV software 2. Redirection 3. Possible actual infection? Ok now i am REALLY worried...... I just tried a completely different computer.. with a completely different AV program. on a completely different network..... This time I downloaded the file and opened the *.dmg
  4. Hi..... I'm showing 'bittorrent.dmg' as being infected with: OSX.Malcol when it downloads. or : OSX.Trojan.Gen anyone else seeing this?
  5. Bit torrent continually swamps out other applications on the computer by overloading the use of ports Even with the number of connections limited in the preferences to 150 and a per torrent of 60 "little snitch" clearly shows the application trying to use over 2000 active connections.... This is way in excess of the capability for a modern router.