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  1. this problem still exists (if anyone cares), but even more frequent than that for me. I agree that this should be fixed.
  2. It's always been grayed out to me, whether it's stopped, paused, downloading, or checking. And like I said, this is the first time that I've been betrayed unexpectedly by Advanced SystemCare. What exactly do you mean by "point" the download dialog at the existing files? Like put them in the same folder as the originals?
  3. I just had that damn checked 0.0% problem again and i was updating things and running scans to fix things to see if they might help. I've tried all of the accepted methods to fix the problem, like ending the bittorrent process, restarting the computer, forced recheck (actually grayed out), and other basic stuff. So i also decided to clean my computer with my well-trusted Advanced Systemcare by Iobit. I was unaware that the internet problems section or privacy issues or some other option would have wiped out my torrent information as that has never happened in the past. So, I had a torrent that was 22.8 GB at 99.5% when this happened along with several other large torrents, so you can understand that I do not want to restart the entire torrent download, because that would take up a lot of time and bandwidth. Is there any way I can get my magnet/torrent information back to the way it was previously so that I do not have to restart all of my downloads? Thanks for any help offered.