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  1. I use win7 so I don't know if it was an issue with that. I give up on the triangle green check symbols. They're irrelevant. I've now had many ppl connected, been uploading at max throughput and have a yellow triangle a lot of the time. Then other times I have a green. So it seems the symbols are not much of a barometer as Harold stated. I still cannot determine why I was not able to seed for a few days no matter how long my client was running, no matter what I did with my router, firewall, or vpn. So it's working now. I guess I'd say it was the down grade but it still didn't connect to seed for a few days after I downgraded. I have quite a few torrents to seed from and none of them worked during the down time so I'm at a complete loss as to what the issue was.
  2. Vista585, Rupert I'm not any help on this issue, I'm jumping on the wagon. It seems that since I did an upgrade my incoming connections do not work. Before they were spotty but now I get the triangle all the time. I've done everything Vista585 states and have not had any luck. I will now roll back my client and see if that helps. I had logged in to see if the problem was just me so maybe my vpn was blocking, but it looks like a common enough issue. I'm using 7.8.1 build 30016, so hmm on the client. I wonder if we have some kind of vpn issues? assuming you guys are using vpn. Are we allowed to state the vpn here? I'm sure there's some instruction manual with this forum, and I'm positive someone has read it with the intent to save me the hassle of answering my question. Thank you for reading the rules and giving me a ruling on listing my vpn.
  3. Would you mind sharing the VPN? Big reason for this question is to find out of the VPN says they do not keep logs. How else would the VPN know who allegedly connected to what, at what time, and used x-bandwidth if the VPN does not keep logs? Thanks! ADDED Also are you for real that a letter was sent to your VPN and they in turn contacted you? Just as likely you are paid by HBO to post in forums, or some contractor paid by HBO. Can you post that email?
  4. I'll check out your suggestions. Also, I don't use IE unless it's absolutely neccessary.
  5. Anyone have any idea WHY Win 7 immediately starts trying to call MS as soon as a torrent client is started specifically the BTClient? If Win7 was trying to call the IP's I listed in my OP when a torrent client is not running then I wouldn't ask, BUT soon as I start a torrent client then Win7 starts trying to call MS. Regardless the fascination with Peerblock it does have an excellent logging feature so I know the IP's are called when BTC is started and as soon as I stop BTC the calls stop. I have all the customer experience stuff disabled, etc... so it is not that service. Still why would customer experience need to know when I use a torrent client and not some other application, etc...? And yes before I posted them I searched all of them on Google, and DuckDuck and verified they're owned by MS and I did see that one or two are allegedly for the Customer experience service. Guess when I have the time I'll go through all the trouble of getting the packets and searching through those to try and find an answer. Stupid effing me for assuming anyone else noticed this behavior. I haven't looked but what are there maybe 0.5% of all possible torrent peers are IPv6? IPv6 isn't even a mature protocol yet and has a myriad of security issues with a lot of clients. Fine it doesn't work yet with IPv6, if it truly does not, because I have IPv6 turned off from my router to every setting I and anyone else knows of in Win7 and just in case I missed someting in Win7 I set my VPN to block IPv6. Regardless the fascination with peerblock, which is getting quite amusing, it's like Peerblock put a cockblock on Harry at some party staffed with paid for hookers, like at the Playboy Mansion. Still, damn funny thing about the Peerblock diatribe is Harry or whomever could just use a IP logger, Firewall logger, or set their router to log all connections and see the same thing. Even funnier is if anyone using Win7 ventures to look and they see the IP's being called they should keep in mind at least my rig blocks them and theirs allows them and has allowed them every time they've started their torrent client. It's a simple thing to look for you don't need to download a torrent, just start the client and look at a log. Down With Peerblock! Long Live Peerblock. [Note to self: Harry doesn't understand the purpose for "Notes to self".]
  6. Peerblock works perfectly. Peerblock does not preclude me from using my Internet connection properly. I'm sorry you didn't get it to work for you. Cool thing about Peerblock is you can block everything then one by one allow only the connections you wish to allow. Then with Peerblock if you get a trojan the likelihood is small that the trojan is able to call home and possibly hijack your rig as part of a bot net before the lame anti-viris companies cactch up. Also if you surf on a site that has a bunch of questionable redirects, peerblock rocks again. Peerblock also discovered a very unusual feature of Win7; it starts calling MS as soon as a BTC process is started. Do you have any idea why this happens or what services are trying to connect to MS? The things one can accomplish with using Peerblock, or knowing how to use Peerblock are astounding, so I'll stop listing them. Since the purpose of my OP has been missed with a diatribe about an application that works as advertised, peerblock, do you not that it is strange that Win7 calls MS once BTC is started? Apparently Win7 tries to contact MS via more than one service when BTC is running. Has it not yet occurred to you what's implied with this behavior? It is very likely MS has a record of everyone who uses BTC or any torrent client and their records can actually identify the copy of Windoze that is running the torrent client, not just the IP. I understand if you don't know why Win7 calls MS when BTC starts, I don't know either. I do know it does happen and only happens when using torrent clients, at least on my machine. But since you decided to go on about peerblock and your issues with peerblock and not answer my actual question you have likely ruined any opportunity of this thread enticing someone else, who can use a simple app like peerblock, to test my question and see if they get similar results. Thanks! {Note to self: Admin on does not know how to use peerblock and does not like peerblock.}
  7. So, you're saying BTC should be calling MS when it starts and runs, and Peerblock shouldn't be blocking the connections to MS while BTC is running? Strange.
  8. I've searched the web and this forum and I cannot find an answer to my question. I use Peerblock and notice that as soon as I start Bittorrent 7.8 Win 7 immediately tries connecting to Microsoft. Anyone know what service does this and why? If you're not aware of this then get peerblock, set it to block all Microsoft IP's, start BTC and look at the log window, or log file. To make sure you get the right time you can set peerblock to block HTTP so you can see when BTC starts, you can tell because BTC tries to connect to an IP owned by BTC. In trying to track this down I've turned off everything I can think of that would attempt to make connections from netbios to updates, time server, etc... so I know it's not one of these services, plus these services wouldn't likely try connecting multiple times in a row and numerous times when BTC is started then stop trying to connect as soon as BTC is closed. I can't tell the service because it's in a svchost wrapper when I look in TCPView. There's probably a way to figure out the service but I don't know it. The following are some of the different Microsoft IP's Win7 tries contacting when I run BTC. I have only looked at my peerblock log file, and not yet done a "find" search but best I can tell is that Win7 only tries connecting to these IP's when BTC is running and not when using another MS site or service. I could be completely wrong and when I finally do a search of the log file if I am wrong I'll post it here. Thanks.