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  1. I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing:/ Ill tell you how I did what I did I think. I think that I right clicked the torrent I was downloading, then went down to labels and selected "Hidden"... all of a sudden I couldn't find the torrent that was downloading. I went to delete it in my file explorer but it says that bittorrent is still using it, so I can't delete it and I can't find it. I just need to know how to undo the Labels>Hidden that I did
  2. I have been searching for the last half hour to try and find the answer to this question before I went ahead and posted it, but I haven't found it so hopefully someone can help me out! How do you unhide a torrent that you have previously labeled as "Hidden"? I accidentally clicked hidden when I was trying to get to Bandwidth. I don't know how to unhide the torrents that are labeled hidden and it would really help to know that! hopefully this made sense! if not.... well let me know and ill try to explain it again I guess.