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  1. Well update. I did find out how to change the upload speed, but PLEASE don't ask me how to do it. I do truly believe in Seeding and just for the "Leech's" on here, this is the reason I will not explain how to do it. Thanks everyone for understanding my opinion why I will not disclose. I have got my upload sped up to 40 kb, so this will come in hand when I upload torrents, but my download speed on the same file stays at 9-20kb. I will just see how to safely upload torrents now.
  2. Hello everyone and I am glad to be here. I seen your post and had to start up a account, so I could ask a question here. I am new to all of this, so please take it easy. I seen everyone talking about seeding here and "I don't mind at all". I don't mind passing out information that I received for free. I was wondering what is the correct way to seed on here? Is there a way to seed and still keep the same or around the same download speed? Just trying to get everything set up the correct way. I downloaded a few things and then deleted when they finished, but I see I wasn't seeding them, so I just wanted to make sure I keep the files going for others. I am downloading a file now and my average download speed it around 8 kb but my average upload speed is 27 kb. Is there a reason why I have more information going out than coming in? I am new to torrents and always scan them to make sure of no virus. I have a lot of stuff I would love to share, but not sure how to do it. Any information would be a great help and hope I can start sharing all my files very soon with everyone.