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  1. Hi guys.try this, 1.normally if you delete a file through bit torrent client( without going to the download location and manually delete them) files are stored in recycle bin.cut paste the .torrent file to the desktop. all your accidentally deleted files and click restore.files will be restored in the original location as they were before you deleted them. 3. now double click the .torrent file in the you will be asked to choose files tht you want to "select non" and click next.(means do not select anything.just leave it blank) 4.client will automatically start to check files.once it's done it will start seeding even if it is not a completed file.leave it there and move to the next step. files tab next to the info you will see all the files are marked their status as 'Skip' under priority tab. all of them and right click.set the priority level as normal or high.client will start to continue downloading(unfinished files) those files its done!! reply me back if this works. good luck