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  1. Ver 7.10.5 Search filter problem Search filters, pull down, put in criteria, click funnel, finds stuff.. all good But... If I erase the search parameters to leave the field blank, it automatically populates with "Filter Torrents" and because there is nothing by that name all torrents disappear. If I erase "Filter Torrents" I get everything back But.. if I chanview in the left pane from say Downloading to Completed "Filter Torrents" repopulates and again no torrents. The only work around I can do is to change the Search pulldown to "Smart Search" which does not effect the torrent list in any view. It seems that the "Filter Torrents" sits in the forground instead of the background as a suggestion/instruction as it wants to be. I hope I said all this correctly so you can reproduce the problem and effect a fix
  2. UPDATE: Since the last 2 most recent updates I have to reboot my computer in order to un-hang Bittorrent. It will download fine for up to 4 hours then become sluggish in responding to click (like scrolling or clicking on a torrent to check it's status) and a: nothing happens, then b ) it says "not responding" then c) window fades and becomes unresponsive. If I kill the task and reload it usually does come back "like new" but slowly and often becomes unresponsive soon. After a forced reboot It spend time "checking" each torrent... Otherwise the computer is working fine.. This does not happen to any other programme. Thoughts?
  3. I know.. it's all that I could discern.. I wound up rebooting, and re downloading the file from "your" servers and it has been fine ever since.. Latest updates (last 2 for sure) seem to hang Bittorrent if there is nothing for it to download ie. 20 torrents but no seeders on 18... 2 download then requires a reboot to get it going again.. When this happens other items that use the net also get slowed down (newsreader and email for 2) Oh.. and thank you Harold (and team) for doing all that you do.
  4. I had this problem too.. Last item had a "number" over 200,000 and the only way to get it to download (restart) was to delete and re input the torrent Thanks for this one !
  5. Avast claims to have found bad thins in the update and proceeded to delete the entire installation.. Thoughts on how I might a: (re-)install and b: recover my torrents? Thanks in advance
  6. BT has been running fine for about a year now (I still miss some options but that's another post) As of about 3 days ago, instead of landing in the correct folder "Landing Zone/Completed" instead the finished files stays in the folder it started in. "Landing zone/New Torrents" I checked the settings and of course they Look right including check here for Move Completed Downloads to (Directory) Any ideas? PS I still miss the put it in a folder named after the label Option.. just saying..
  7. When I reboot my computer though.. I often get files marked as Error: Can't Open Torrent.. and I find their (incomplete) files in the Completed folder. To Remedy, I must move the incompleted fil(s)/folders back to the Incomplete folder and redownload the torrent again (using the Hash as a referance This sometimes happends to (known) completted files as well which is time consuming to figure out which are which. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? (I have changed no settings however I believe there was a recent update to the program)
  8. very now an again a computer will fail.. reboot crash or what ever When ever I come back from such a thing, I have to spend hours trying to repair the damage.. Looking up torrents, figuring out which ones are pending and which were completed etc. Could a repair option be created that would scan all the torrents and re-"post" them ? I know it can't be perfect but it would save hours of time.
  9. This was something it used to do, but (as I recall) was turned off while working an fix/update.. I hope they get it working again as it's the best option I ever used.
  10. Any sign of the Lables go to folders option? Realllllly miss it Thanks.. hate to be a pill but since it left I take 6 times the time to sort out my stuff... TIA
  11. Used to be that there was an option where the Completed download would end up in a folder named after the primary lable... This was taken away awhile ago (I think while they were fixing something else) I hereby request that they replace that option again.. it assists me in many ways, most prominant of which is the ability to tell if I have a file already or not. Thank you in advance (And thank you to HF for all the work I see being done in answering so many requests and conserns.)
  12. This is a bit odd... I recall hearing that BitTorent updates itself now, but just for a laugh, (I have V7.8.2.. I) I clicked on the Check for Updates... Imagine my surprise when it told me that there is an update available.. To the same version I already have.... A tiny hiccup to be sure... unless there is an incremental update available.. Thought you should hear about it.. Oh, and thank you for putting in the time to not only create this program, and not only work this Forum, but to not explode when folks ask questions that are clearly not for this place
  13. Why not both? Create a torrent that access each file ( 55 in all) and another torrent the has them all? This way folks who want/need to can update the ones they are missing and others can get the whole lot. I know you can d/l a single or few files from the larger torrent but that would make a mess of the distribution (I would think) To lower ease labour a bit you could release the single torrents in smaller lots, say 5 or 10 or so at a time Just a thought.
  14. OK I've been using the Persistant lables since it was pointed out to me and I've discovered a curious quirk... If I create a new lable for a new download, then go to use that lable again, it's not in the list in alpha order but rather at the bottom .. Not a big deal though.. Now if they can just get the lable > Directory thing fixed...
  15. Please let us know when the lable = folder thing gets repaired... The Advanced/Download Directory only works intermitantly. I always know when it doesn't work because the file(s) stop being available for upload. Thanks in advance.