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  1. HI, I am having a problem with bit torrent following a system crash. I was adding a torrent when my computer crashed. when I turned the computer back on the torrent is not in my torrent list but when i try to add it it tells me that it is in the list and if i want to load the trackers. clicking yes does not add the torrent list. Is there a way to manually amend the torrent list to remove corrupted entries
  2. the problem occurs on all players on both of my computers (media player, real player, itunes, ipod). it occurs for most mp3 files downloaded via bittorrent from my desk top. it doesnt affect mp3 files downloaded using a different version of bittorrent on a different computer. That says to me it is a bit torrent download problem on my desktop and not a playback problem.
  3. hello, Is there a known problem Bittorrent 7.7.3. I have had a number of downloads of mp3 files where each file stops playing in itunes / ipod after EXACTLY 3 mins and 42 secs. it is not all downloads but it is all files within a download and it happens about half the time.