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  1. That's one of the issues. I don't know the router as it's a apartment wide network. I tried finding out using my Default Gateway but I get nothing. I will try and ask the reception some time today. Do you know of any way to find that out (except the IP address into browser). From readnig around, I guess the only option left is that there is some sort of firewall on the router, yes?
  2. Hi, I am sorry for what is probably a painfully common question, but I moved into a new apartment halls and find that my torrents are extremely slow. Most likely due to "Port not open (you are still able to download)", which I am guessing is the result of some sort of restriction. Problem is this: I have not done anythign to the computer and 2 weeks ago it was working fine. The only variable is I moved into new halls, but it's the same ISP and I called them up and they reassured me they are placing no restriction at all I would really appreciate some sort of advice on how to proceed. Thanks just some notes: i disabled the antiviruses/firewalls and added bittorrent as exceptions Twice now the speeds have, for short periods of time, gone up a lot. That happened when I started Torrent after restarting the computer - for one torrent suddenly the speed jumped to 4Mbps Overall speed of the internet - 30Mbps Torrent Average speed - 100KBs