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  1. wooow... needs more details, maybe it's because you don't have a torrent client installed. Just right click the file and "show in windows explorer"
  2. Looks like OpenDNS is blocking torrents by looking at the protocol (not ports as bittorrent CAN run on port 80), therefor some torrent clients should be unblocked, the only way to make BitTorrent unblocked is by somehow spoofing the protocol. If none of the random protocals work try spoofing it as TCP. I don't know a way to spoof it though.
  3. Go to your router settings and enable "Default DMZ" and disable firewall
  4. As I said, when I use Chrome or Internet Explorer I get download speeds of 40MBytes/s (not mbits, mbytes)
  5. Hi, I am trying to download a torrent with 31,000 seeders and only 1500 leachers. A lot of the seeders are located in the US. My speeds are 450mbits/sec down and 400mbits/sec up( When I download from Google Drive or Amazon AWS I usually get speeds of 40MBytes a sec (55 peek), however, when I use BitTorrent, it takes about 10 seconds to find the peers, then it starts slowly accelerating to 3.5mbps (took 25 secs to accelerate), and once it gets to 3.5MBps it stops, in properties of the torrent, the max download speed is set to 0. I tried downloading a torrent with more seeders and less leachers as a test and I got the same result. I tried using a different computer, and I still got the same result.