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  1. Anyone figured out how this problem was solved?
  2. Hi. As a longtime user of Bittorrent, I finally upgraded to latest version. With my previous version I kept all Torrents online. Seeding (depending what date it was in the month) from 5K (always 24/7) to 1MB (24/7) Now, After my monthly reset of my ISP dataplan, I want it to be 5K limit so I can up it again when we get to Santa (2013/12/06) as I reach the end of my dataplan. My problem: I've limited the upload to [5K]. [Preferences - Bandwith - Global Upload Rate Limiting - Maximum upload Rate: 5] All my torrents are on normal priority (Seeding and Downloading). Download isn't limited at all. Global Rate Limit options: Nothing Checked. However: I'm currently uploading at 800 kb/sec and only downloading at 300kb/sec. I can't seem to get stuff configured (First time ever). ADDENDUM: When I Check [Apply rate limit to transport overhead] & [Apply rate limit to uTP connections] The UL-speed drops to about 15 kb/sec. BUT the DL speed also drops to about 100 k/sec. ADDENDUM 2: My port is open, tested and working. Any thoughts for fixing this headacke :s Thanks in advance! Melethril P.S. Just Tried running it with the Global Rate Limit Options Checked. (Transport Overhead and Utp connections). My DL stays steady at about 1.2 MB (where I normally get about 10MBPS) My UL limited to 5K has an avg of about 10Kb/sec. I'm searching the web for answers but ... Can't seem to find some
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