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  1. Does using a VPN matter for issues of being connectable? I ask because I'm always connected via VPN. I've done the port forwarding for TCP port 24874 in my Netgear firewall. I've verified that the Mac software firewall allows incoming connections on this port. Is there a set of specific diagnostic procedures I can follow to determine why I am not showing up as connectable? I'm trying, and want to be a good torrent citizen. Thanks.
  2. I've opened up my firewall and enabled the port forwarding. I'd like to NOT be a leecher. It would be nice if there were some more automated way for me to help the community by hosting legal content. So what I would like is a simple "Enable automatic sharing" button. Selecting this would put popular legal content (up to a set total user selectable size, say 3 GB) on my system and make it available to the Bit Torrent community. Content would be automatically updated based on measured community need. What I want to avoid is manually managing what I share, so I'm happy to share if there a more automated way to do it. Thanks
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