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  1. I am recently having a problem with a torrent which I am downloading from archive.org I am connected to 2 high speed peers. Download starts with maximum speed but after about an hour, the download stops. After Stopping and Starting the torrent, Downloading begins again. Any suggetions are appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have been downloading a a file of 24.4 GB, in the downloaded column it shows 23.3 GB and in the remaining column it shows 7.59 GB. Percentage is 67.2, hashfails are 286 (2.37 GB). Remaining should have been 24.4-(23.3-2.37) which is 3.47. Except Hashfail where is the data being wasted ? Is this a known bug? (I have already reinstalled Bittorrent) I want somebody to please clear up. Thanks in Advance
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